Please Say Tehillim For……

The community is asked to please say tehillim for Zev ben Leah, a Lubavitcher who is in critical condition due to COVID-19 and is in need of our tefillos. Please say Kapital Chof and Mem Ches.

Recorded Daily Shiur On Meseches Sotah

Just in time for the start of learning of daily Mesechas Sotah, as per the known Holy Minhag to learn a Daf a day of Mesechas Sotah during the days of Sefirah, we present a pre-recorded, clear and concise daily shiur by Rabbi Mendel Yuzewitz.

39 Years Later, Chabad of Toronto, Ontario Expands With New Building

The proceedings for the groundbreaking of a new building by the Chabad of Toronto began with a letter from the Rebbe’s read by Rabbi Zalman A. Grossbaum written in honor of the first groundbreaking held Yud Aleph Nissan 39 years ago to the day, and for the exact purpose, at the same location.