Keren Hashana, The Rebbe’s Daily Fund

The Rebbe shared his devotion to the mitzvah of Tzedaka with all of us by founding the Keren Hashana charity fund, which would guarantee that the donors perform the mitzvah of giving to tzedakah every single day of the year.

This Weeks Shalom Zochor List

We present the Shalom Zochor list for the week of Shabbos Parshas Lech Lcha:   Zalman and Chaya (nee Brafman) Lever – 366 Crown Street Side Entrance (between Brooklyn Ave and New York Ave) Shaya and Chaya Leah (nee Grabowsky) Bleznick […]

Daily Chassidism Podcast in German Tops the Charts

Averaging about six minutes long, a hit podcast teaches an entry from HaYom Yom (“HaJom Jom” in German) to a German-speaking audience from across Europe.