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We are pleased to announce 


that our office will now be open


for walk in immediate-care visits


on the following days and hours :



8:00am to 10:00am


We will be seeing patients on a first-come first-serve basis.

Mitzvah Blvd comes to Bais Rivkah

Bais Rivkah was abuzz this week as the characters of Mitzvah Blvd arrived! From the very first moment of show till the end, the campers were entertained and enthralled to see their favorite puppets come to life. With one camper even asking their counselor, “Are you sure those aren’t real?”

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Looking to Rent a House for Kinus Hashluchim

I am looking to rent a house in crown heights for 4 nights over the kinus hashluchim weekend

(21st Nov -25th Nov), for a group of 15 men from a chabad house in London. We will need a large dining room

to accommodate everyone for meals. If you have a place available or a place with a large enough

dining room (we can rent another apartment), please get in touch.


Whatsapp: +44 7510550790