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Premium Post:
Fully Winterized House for Sale in Mei Menuchos

Fully winterized detached house in Mei Menuchos, South Fallsburg, NY for sale.

Two floor house, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (one in the master bedroom with soaker tub), 2 Large kitchens, wraparound deck, Washer/dryer on each floor, central a/c and heating. Hardwood floors upstairs. Each floor accessible from the inside as well as have their own entrances (so can be used as an income generating rental), large beautiful grounds, Chassidishe and tzniusdik environment.

Day camp, swimming pool, 2 playgrounds, Shul and mikve on premises. Shopping close by. Accessible all year. Available fully furnished.

Call/Message 347-578-2558 for more info.

Weekly Story: Internalizing

Reb Chaim Zalman’s son, Reb Mottel, lived in close proximity to him and would visit his father at least three times a day. Once in the morning, to help his father get up, dressed, put on tefillin and eat. Once in the afternoon to see how he is faring and if he needs anything, etc., and finally in the evening to make sure the attendant gave him his medications and help him get ready for the night.

CTeen Celebrates Another Successful Year

As the school year comes to a close, people the world over celebrate accomplishments. CTeen is no exception. Dozens of chapters across the globe marked their graduating leaders this June with award ceremonies. From France to California, over elegant luncheons and sit-down dinners, the hard work of the CTeen leaders and volunteers were acknowledged and applauded.