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Crown Heights Woman’s Mikvah Looking For Manager

Looking for a reliable, capable, mature woman to manage a women’s Mikvah in Crown Heights. Managing experience is preferred.

Core duties include:
– Working on site managing 5 evenings a week
– Supervising daily operations plus preparing for the nights you aren’t there
Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
– Overseeing staff
– Ordering supplies
– Making sure the facility is cleaned properly
– Making sure all equipment is in working order
– Customer service

* This is a community service oriented job so please be friendly, thoughtful, a people’s person and know how to bring warmth to the job
* Due to the nature of this job it will requires a certain sensitivity to the needs today’s woman
* The facility is large and detailed, it will require certain physical abilities to maintain it properly
* Compensation based on experience

In a few words please write why you think you would be right for this position

Email your resume/details and your answer to the above question to:

Stalker Arrested for Arson Attempt on Victim’s Home

Crown Heights [CHI] — A number of Jewish women who live in the area of Empire Blvd. and Brooklyn Ave. have been complaining for a few months about an African-American neighbor who stalks them and even touches them inappropriately. Shomrim responded to such calls on numerous occasions, and at one point had the police file a crime report to make sure that the situation was not being ignored.

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Full Time Position Available

Retail and Customer Service Associate

As counter server, you make the day for e-biz owners, teachers and 100s of others who rely on smooth shipping and print services.


Project calm, capable attitude while working efficiently
Advise customers on shipping/printing
Develop rapport with ongoing customers
Manage/maintain equipment

1+ year customer interaction
Patience and an easy smile
Windows, MS Word, PDF
Skill for learning functions/procedures
Work in CH, grow with the company! Must include resume.


Live: Special Tu B’shvat Farbrengen

Join Rabbi Mendel Kaplan of Chabad of Flamingo for a special Tu b’Shevat farbrengen with his community. A gathering celebrating the New Year for trees includes insights into the special theme of this holiday. Tonight, February 07 at 9:25 PM.

Living Museum of Chabad History at Monsey Cheder

Chabad history came to life at “The living museum of our Rich Chabad History” created by the talented students and teachers of Cheder Chabad Girls School of Monsey. A walk through the museum took you through The historic Chabad towns of Liozna, Lubavitch, Rostov and later, New York – specifically Crown Heights.

Chabad Attorney: ‘Above Board on Everything’

Westport Now

Chabad Lubavitch of Westport moved into the shuttered Three Bears Restaurant in early January.

Chabad Lubavitch, a Westport, Connecticut Orthodox Jewish congregation that moved into the shuttered Three Bears Restaurant in early January and subsequently was issued a town cease and desist order, is working with the town to meet all legal requirements, according to an attorney for the group.

Photos: Chanoch Lena’ar Gets a New Name

Yeshiva Chanoch Lena’ar got a new name, which is now prominently displayed on a sign in front of its building on Eastern Parkway and Albany Ave. The Yeshiva was renamed after Rabbi Mordechai Meir Bryski, father of the Yeshiva’s dean Rabbi Yaakov Bryski, and the new sign was installed just in time for his Shloshim.

Op-Ed: The Real Obstacle to Going on Shlichus

by a Yungerman

Here I am, a regular Lubavitcher Yungerman who grew up in a Chassidishe family, of which all members currently serve as Shluchim, facing the hard reality that I may never be like them. It’s not that I want to copy them that I am upset, and definitely not because I have nothing else to do; I really want to be a Shliach.

Chabad Couple in India Accused of Espionage

Jerusalem Post

A Lubavitch couple in the southern Indian city of Kochi, who do outreach work but are unaffiliated with the official Chabad movement, vehemently denied a report that appeared in local media earlier in the day accusing them of being part of an Israeli covert operation.

Chabad House Bomb Investigators Awarded

Santa Monica Patch

When a heavy pipe bomb detonated in April, striking the Chabad House Lubavitch of Santa Monica before smashing a 2 ½-foot wide hole in the roof of a nearby residence above a sleeping child, emergency responders initially surmised the explosion was an accident.

Con Man Targets New Hampshire Chabad House

CBS Boston

Rabbi Levi Krinsky talks to a CBS reporter in his synagogue.

A man is facing serious charges after taking money from people in temples and churches. Alan Farha said he needed help to get to his parents’ funeral. The story was so sad that temple and church members opened their wallets. Police say the story was a lie.