“Hashem Loves you More than Me”

In this week’s “Opening the week with the Rebbe”: We are presenting a short video clip from ‘Sunday Dollars’ on the 13 Teves, 5751. In this clip we see Rabbi Herbert (Chaim Zev) Bumzr introduce to the Rebbe an acquaintance of his. The Rebbe turns to Rabbi Bumzr and says, “ Explain to him that he is more beloved by G-d than you and me.” From the weekly video magazine, ‘Living Torah’. Courtesy of JEM.

Israeli Campus Paradox: More Jews, Less Shabbos

By R. C. Berman for Lubavitch.com

At Tel Aviv University, future doctor Jordana Hikri was experiencing a classic Israeli paradox. Hikri spent her undergraduate years at Dartmouth, where the Jewish student population barely fills two school buses. Yet Jewish life on campus was active, and her calendar was booked with Shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations, and Jewish events. In Tel Aviv, Friday night is for clubbing.

Brooklyn Bum Fakes War Wound for Cash

NY Post

(L-R) 1) Robert Mc Mahon appears an arm short. 2) While begging for cash in Brooklyn, he plays up his phony stints in Vietnam. 3) At day’s end, he counts his cash – with both fully functioning arms.

Semper fake!

For years, Brooklyn commuters have opened their wallets for Robert McMahon, handing cash to this heroic and heartbreaking figure, a Vietnam vet in combat fatigues, his left arm missing and his right leg crippled, as he panhandles on Ocean Parkway in Kensington.

Kansas City Chabad Turns 40

When Rabbi Sholom and Blumah Wineberg were dispatched to Kansas City by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1970, this was the Wild West for Chasidim. Just the eighth Chabad-Lubavitch regional center, Los Angeles was the only permanent outpost further west.

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