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Mendy Pellin Turns Movie Star has learned that Chabad comedian, Mendy Pellin is playing the lead role in an independent film, “A Modest Suggestion.”

Filming for “A Modest Suggestion,” a hard-hitting feature-length dark comedy about anti-Semitism and Jewish identity, started today, Sunday morning in Baltimore, MD.

In a conversation Mendy Pellin had with he said, “I’m in Baltimore for a few weeks on the set of a film called, A Modest Suggestion. I have a lead role playing a Chassidic Jew that was kidnapped.” He was unable to divulge any more details.

Screenplay By:

Ken Kaissar, Arnon Shorr

Directed By:

Arnon Shorr

Produced By:

Mark Jaffee, Israel Orange, Arnon Shorr

Plot Outline:

“A Modest Suggestion” is a hard-hitting feature-length dark comedy about anti-Semitism and Jewish identity. The film explores the absurdity of anti-Semitism by allowing its characters to pose and ponder its central question.

In a drab, corporate boardroom, four men in suits discuss the next item on their agenda:

“should we or should we not… kill the Jews?”


  • 1. Kill the Jews????!!!??? wrote:

    “Should we or should we not… kill the Jews?”

    I really don’t think this question is humorous at all! Is this something we joke about?

  • 2. Chaim wrote:

    bad idea
    infact i dont see any positive outcome from a movie starring a lubavitcher with the words “in context” on the cover KILL THE JEWS

  • 3. shocked wrote:

    It’s not about being lubavitch or not. It’s simply a very bad title for a film, period.
    I’m shocked. By the way, mendy pellin is a great guy. This title is very very bad.

  • 4. To commenters 1 and 2 wrote:

    You think if you avoid the truth it’s going to go away?
    Or this is reminding the people that hate us not to stop hating?

    We need to learn from history if we don’t want history to repeat itself.
    I think this is good we need more awareness that people hate Jews and wish to get rid of us, if we bury our heads in the sand it won’t help.

  • 5. not amused wrote:

    what kind of humor is this? everyone has that idea already, why promote it, and noch to be proud to have the lead role. I would take it off the website immediately. why is this called funny?

  • 6. This is wrong! wrote:

    Hollywood is no place for a Lubavitcher Chosid
    I love Mendy’s work but it is clear to me that he has gone too far.

  • 7. tell me what u think! wrote:

    once a chossid approched one of the rabbeim and asked him if he can act in a movie or something of that sort yet practices for the film will be closed on shabbos. the rebbe answerd very sharply. “and to be oiver the 13 principals of faith is allowed???”””
    besides, the rebbe is a 100% agantst the star of david! yes lubavitch is all over bh yet, there needs to be a limit! don’t get it also. the commetie is from what i understand is about anti anti-semitsm, how can you even THINK OF acting in such a movie? it shows sopport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! needs lots of yiras shamyim. yes u might think that its a kiddush hashem and to be honest who am i to decide, but it definatly shows sopport,…..maybe ask ur maspia next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8. domer wrote:

    mendy pellin is a great talent who i would hire in a second im partially indian and part pakistany hed be great to ease the racial tension between us

  • 9. Open letter to Mendy Pellin wrote:

    Dear Mendy:

    Congratulations on your role. I hope it turns out to be a Kiddush Hashem. Just beware that sometimes Jewish producers and directors use the art of film to promote a very left-wing view of anti-Semitism–specifically, the false notion that anti-Semitism mostly if not completely exists only in Jews’ minds. Ask our very own Benny Lifshitz of what the Israeli director of “Defamation” (featuring Benny, among many others) did in that regard–complete delusionary nonsense.

    While I can appreciate “Should we kill the Jews?” as humor and I neither know your producers nor their intentions, I hope their underlying intent here is to ultimately combat anti-Semitism, not dismiss it as non-existent. I trust that you have read the script and have made the right decision.

    Either way, we still luv ya! (And for those of you who would try to tear Mendy Pellin down for this one, I say: “Okay, YOU pay his parnasah. Until then, be quiet.)

  • 10. shocked wrote:

    It’s not about being lubavitch or not. It’s simply a very bad title for a film, period.
    I’m shocked. By the way, mendy pellin is a great guy. This title is very very bad.

  • 12. Sick of CH wrote:

    For all you idiots who have a problem with Mendy’s choice of employment, it’s NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! Either show support, or leave it alone.

  • 13. natan wrote:

    How stupid can one be. They are so wrapped up in comedy that they don’t realize that this is exactly what a huge percentage of the goyim want -and wait for-.
    A nazi who wants to legitimize this concept for the masses, could not come up with a better idea. A comedy!
    Please!!! Pretty please!! Stop this insanity! The blood would be on your hands!! It’s no joke!

  • 14. Judging the title wrote:

    Desr Mendy,

    I assume you did not choose the title. But for whomever did, the comments above are not “judging a film by its title” bu judging the title itself. The film is hopefully great. but the title is no joke

  • 15. wtvr wrote:

    i agree with #13 completely. leave the poor guy alone! it’s his choice, let him do it if he wants to. and to #4, for ur information he’s not in hollywood, they stated that it’s an independent film. it’s got nothing to do with hollywood. there’s nothing wrong with ppl acting in movies if that’s wut they want to do. i hope mendy is proud that he’s being different than the typical close-minded chabad ppl.

  • 16. No limits?!? wrote:

    WOW! now this has crossed a new line. Mendy- until now you used your talent positively, helping Chabad’s, promoting your news clips, Telethon work etc… A Chossid does NOT mix in certain occupations. I am not a mashpia, nor will i pretend to be, but when my children ask me regarding Mendy Pellin’s work, from here on in- it’s a no-no. What example is being set here? What values? standards?
    It’s all exciting in the moment, but I hope you don’t have trouble explaining to your precious little girl why she can’t be a model, after all her daddy is a movie star.
    Och Un Vey!

  • 17. Irony Police wrote:

    Has it occurred to no one that the movie is POKING FUN at anti-semites, not promoting it? And the title is “A Modest Suggestion”, not “kill the Jews”.

  • 18. To 16 wrote:

    Why can’t his daughter become a model?! As long as it’s done is a tznius fashion , what difference does it make how she makes a living? And why are you going to tell your children they can’t watch Mendy Pallin anymore? You know nothing about this “movie” he’s making- in fact, no one does, BECAUSE IT HASN’T BEEN SHOT YET!!! Agent Emes is a “movie star” and I don’t see you railing about him… Wait until the movie is out, wait to see if it has toichen you appreciate, then make your decision ABOUT THAT MOVIE. Don’t write someone off because you don’t think you approve about what you think he may be doing.

  • 19. chaim the guy from comment number 2 wrote:

    Dear number 7
    Are you out of your cotton picking mind?
    you think pursumai nisa is the answer lets tell everyone to kill the jews and maybe they will see everyone wants to so they wount do.
    you are such a libral good fornothing crack addict.

    the correct way to go about what you should be saying is that instead of making movies about weather or not we should try WWII again or not maybe just maybe you should make a documentery about all the so many time the Jews were masacared and promote peace not killing.

    amd to number 9
    you were so good untill that last paragragh very well thought out and peacefull and then bam its my problem that he needs to get paid what if this was a pornograghic movie would it be ok because he is getting paid?

    and to number 13 and 14
    why is it all the sudden your buisness if you are pro the movie its none of your buisness either way the topic is up for discussion on an open forum and we that believe this is terrible have full right to display our fealings

    and to 17
    yes we realize the bigger words are “A Modest Suggestion”, not “kill the Jews” but those 3 words are still clearly displayed on the cover and somethings arent to be made fun of. what if i made a film called that crazy guy and underneath it wrote the story of “your”life is that ok because your name isnt in the title

    and to number 18
    calm down please.
    there is a huge diffrence between this and agent emes. if you do not see it you need to calm down more. second modeling is very diffrent then this if you cant see that …..

  • 20. Sad day for all of us wrote:

    this is wrong. the torah teaches us to be careful about the words we use – when we speak we bring the words into creation. the words bring ideas and so on. this is a sad day for our community.

    i am especially sad because he was always someone we could look up to and look to for a smile.

  • 21. D. Shammai wrote:

    Regarding Mendy Pellin:

    Chazal says that the wise person contemplates the ramifications of his actions.

    To be involved in this ambitious project, which is so fraught with the potential for Chilul HaShem, without consulting Daas Torah is a grave problem.

    In thinking of individuals, who cited ‘artistic freedom’ as their excuse for such controversial behavior, I gave thought to Chaim Potok, who actually lived in Crown Heights and who wrote “My Name is Asher Lev”.

    In that book, Potok justified his ‘apostasy’ in terms of his need to express his artistic talent and not necessarily as an expression of his religious philosophy. Of course, it is well known that his books were autobiographical and indeed, were thinly veiled excuses for why he was a Conservative and not a Torah Observant Jew.

    I fear that whether intentional or not, Mendy, is embarking on a similar route in the name of artistic freedom. Of course, the money is a very powerful incentive, but is that the best reason to do something that could reasonably result in a Chilul HaShem?

    Anti-semites need no excuses and will not become chozer teshuva simply because they were hoodwinked into seeing a movie with a clever subtitle. This is a two-edged and very dangerous sword.

    What the Rebbe would have told Mendy is hardly subject to debate! I suspect that the Rebbe would have suggested that he discuss his concerns with a competent Rav, which was obviously not the case.

  • 22. chaim again wrote:

    to 20
    he is still a funny man \just because he is making one film that i dont agree with dosent mean he is unseeable now.

    and to 21
    how the heck do you know he didnt ask his mashpia
    other than that well writen

  • 23. Gershon S. wrote:

    Everyone is so quick to judge….. How about Dan L’kaf zchus? You all don’t know much about this movie or project but yet you are so quick to judge. Come on people! I trust Mendy’s judgment and hope that he made the right choice.

    From the little description about the film (in this article) which states that “The film explores the absurdity of anti-Semitism by allowing its characters to pose and ponder its central question.” it sounds that this film is a DARK comedy (do you guys know what a dark comedy is? You guys don’t seem to show that you understand the concept)to show the ABSURDITY of anti-semitism. On the face of it, that sounds like a great project. As to the title, it is obviously meant to provoke….

    As I said, I hope that at the end this turns out to be a good and positive project.

    I also cannot help but wonder if you (the haters) simply are jealous of Mendy….?

    Good luck Mendy!

  • 24. OK wrote:

    Everyone is so quick to judge with extreme prejudice. Seriously people… It’s a little ignorant to cast an opinion without fully knowing and understanding all the details and their implications. Paraphrasing from  the words of Avos “what’s the difference between 
     Wiseman and a fool? The wiseman will not cast an opinion about that which he has only  partial knowledge of” veda”l

  • 25. Don-t b jealous of Mendys talent wrote:

    Okay, omg!!!
    Seriously?! Do you guys SERIOUSLY think this PROMOTES anti-semitism?!?
    It is a COMEDY. That means it MAKES FUN of antisemitism. And have u been in or seen a frum school play before?! ‘Cuz they are full of characters who want to kill Jews.
    Borat is an anti semitic character. But his character is CRAZY therefore making a fool out of the ANTI SEMITE.
    And have you not noticed how many JEWISH ppl are running this film?! (producers,directors..)
    As for parnasa, independant films hardly PAY. 
    He was always using his talent towards good, and now it’s towards even better- reaching a wider audience!!! But I guess- with the kindof critical people that exist, there’s inevitably gonna be spewing controversy.
    And u strictly religious won’t be watching this stuff anyway. It’s mostly the ppl who need mekareving. So go back to your sfarim – a place where you actually thrive in, and give him his space where HE thrives in- humor/drama/talent and not without his sfarim either!

  • 26. Oh please don-t! wrote:

    There are some among us who work really hard trying to bring up chassidishe children. I have always tried to be very careful with the choice of entertainment and media that I allowed into our home for the sake of chinuch. I can see it already, my kids come home talking about this “movie ” that everyone saw featuring Mendy Pellin (along with a horde of goyim acting in this movie as well) So does this become okay and kosher just b/c Mendy pellin is in it? It opens up a whole new world now for our kids, one that I know I want to stay far away from!!!!!!!!!!
    …..And Mendy, so should you.

  • 28. me again wrote:

    and to 23
    the line has to be drawn somewhere and i decided this is to far
    as for judging to soon i have reviewed all the information available to the public and formed my opinion. when the movie comes out I am sure i will have more to say

    and to 24
    there is no prejudice is saying he shouldnt be involved you ignorant thing you
    and btw a wiseman once told me “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.”

    are you comparing this to borat and saying since borat was a quality film this will be too? is this gonna be an r rated film too
    why dont you use your talent and make more kids

  • 29. To Me again wrote:

    What in G-ds name posses you to comment on every comment?! not to mention that you only show your sub-intelegence throughout

  • 30. Late to the Party wrote:

    To our ever persistent Mr. Chaim: you know what it says in Avos “syag lechochma shtikah”? It means if you don’t want everyone to know about your rash prejudices, your poor education, and your blatant ignorance, then it’s better not to say anything at all.

    To 25 (and many others): It’s the same as when Matisyahu returned to Reggae, when Dmitry Salita became a Chabad superstar, and when DeScribe saved Crown Heights.

    Bottom line: whatever you tell your children about their respective professions, you’ll say the same thing about Mendy’s. More than that is not your business.


  • 31. Moshiach Now wrote:

    Many of you are saying that it’s a chillul Hashem what Mendy is doing, but in my opinion, I think that this is even a bigger one. What is going on here?? This is no way to express feelings! This is PURE lashon take part, the people that read these comments (me) takes part, and Mendy Pellin does as well. His personal ruchnius level is PERSONAL and if he spoke to his Mashpia, then there’s no point in lashing out like this. Maybe Moshiach will come quicker if we knew how to speak B’shalom as opposed to worrying about whether or not Mendy is doing something that is nobodys business but Mendy’s and Hashem’s. We are chassidim who believe in ahavah, no matter what level a person may be on. Let’s treat our own with some respect. Please. Then we won’t be in a world where people would need to worry about eradicating anti-semitism through movies.

  • 32. Libah wrote:

    Some of these comments are absolutely pathetic. No, NONE of you have seen this movie, so how do you have the right to judge it. Wait for the facts people, then judge.

  • 33. Ajfidkfnfkenf wrote:

    Ok mr. 27! It’s 26 here.
    I was using borat as a comparison in the
    mocking antisemite aspect, NOT in the rated
    R aspect. And if u haven’t noticed thus far-
    this is an INDEPENDANT film. Borat is a
    feature film- so I am not comparing them in
    any other aspect then I have mentioned- besides
    , well, they are both Jewish.

    Using talent to make kids? I’m starting to wonder
    if you even make sense to yourself.

    Number 30 u are hilarious

  • 34. Thinkurallpathetic wrote:

    GIVE THE GUY A BREAK!!!! I’m not sure I’ll want to see this movie just because it probably won’t be so entertaining but if the guy wants to act then give him a break!!!!!!! It’s not your life to control! And how can you sit there and criticize people like that! Don’t judge him! I’m sure he looked into it enough before he accepted it. It’s not a major motion picture like everyone thinks! It’s not soooo publicized it’s not hollywood and it’s not your place to question why he wants to be in this movie! The guy knows what he’s doing so LEAVE HIM ALONE! When you get an acting offer feel free to turn it down yourself, I doubt I would, but don’t tell other people what to do!

  • 35. Agent Emes wrote:

    Is everyone going away from comments now? Leibel Cohen dosn’t! it have been like 5 months!

    Yissachar Shollar


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