Chabad Denver Held the First Jewish Business Group Meeting

This past weekend close to 100 people enjoyed listening to Dr. Gill Heart of Atlanta Georgia.

Dr. Gill first spoke at Chabad’s Jewish Business Group’s business breakfast on Friday morning and then at Chabad of NW Metro Denver on that Friday night at the community Shabbat dinner. The talks focused on stress management. More specifically, the application and implementation of Special Forces, IDF, Mind In Control techniques to improve our response every day stressful events.

My visit to Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin in Prison

by Rabbi Shalom Gurewicz

My job in Kashrus takes me to Cedar Rapids, Iowa every month. Knowing that Sholom Mordechai is sitting in prison there, I applied last month to visit him. I was approved and visited him yesterday.

He was so happy to see me besides for the fact of just having a visitor, he had also been placed in solitary confinement the night before and nobody including his wife and attorney knew about it yet and he was not allowed to make calls.