‘King David’ Bikers at this Years Parade


Crown Heights, Brooklyn — Along with the Floats, Marching Bands, Schools and everything else that is in store for this years Lag BaOmer Parade, a group of over 50 Jewish bikers that call themselves the ‘King David Bikers’ whose members come from across the United States, will be joining us as part of this years parade.

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Shliach “Rabbi Mordy” with Rep. Brad Sherman

Jewish Journal

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) patiently waits at the Chabad of the Valley Booth at Last Sunday’s Israel Independence Day Festival at Woodley Park, while “Rabbi Mordy” fumbles around a pile of tefillin trying to find a special set of phylacteries for the congressman — who is a lefty. The rabbi finally finds the right set, pulls up Sherman’s sleeve and wraps the black leather strap around his arm. This is for the heart, the mind and the soul,” he explains, and then recites the blessing slowly, waiting for Sherman to repeat after him. After the ritual is done and the congressman rolls down his sleeve, the rabbi turns constituent.