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‘King David’ Bikers at this Years Parade

Crown Heights, Brooklyn — Along with the Floats, Marching Bands, Schools and everything else that is in store for this years Lag BaOmer Parade, a group of over 50 Jewish bikers that call themselves the ‘King David Bikers’ whose members come from across the United States, will be joining us as part of this years parade.

More pictures in the Extended Article!

Members of the group came to Crown Heights this past Friday in order to check out the route that they will be traveling and to talk to the organizers of the parade. The group was then taken into the Rebbe’s room, and took a tour of 770.


  • 2. sofla fan wrote:

    Rabbi Zach…you ROCK!!!!!! and all the King David Bikers!!!!Big Kiddush Hashem!!!

  • 4. zaken shebachabura wrote:

    IS the name really King David Bikers or is it the notorioud ‘Star of Davidson’ bikers?

  • 8. know-it-all wrote:

    correction for the innocently misinformed: these bikers are not the original stunt artists that were hired to perform a show. those bikers did not attend, because the permission was denied.

  • 9. Not A Biker wrote:

    These bikers were a symbol of the achdus at the parade. I was so touched that they participated.

  • 10. getting mixed mesages wrote:

    i wasnt at the parade but were the bikers there or not


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