Attempted Mugging Gone Awry

At around 1:30am Shomrim received a distressed call from a Bochur who was approached by a black male on the corner of Kingston and Carroll who said to him “this is going to be a stickup or a homicide”. The Bochur who was walking and talking on his cell phone when he was approached by the perp told his friend on the other end of the line “there is this Black guy trying to mug me”, upon hearing this, the would-be-mugger hit the Bochur in the head knocking his phone out of his hand and ran.

The call to Shomrim prompted an immediate canvass of the area by numerous members, who spotted a group of bystanders holding a black male who matched the description of the perp on Carroll between Troy and Schenectady, apparently the bystanders saw the perp running and a canvass going on they thought it was related and grabbed him and notified Shomrim.

Glazer Family Donates Aron Kodesh To Mesivta Menachem Of Amherst

Devastated by the sudden loss of his mother, Mr. Roy Glazer found himself in a dire predicament. Living in Lockport, N.Y, a small town near Buffalo, meant that the closest synagogue was half hour away. How would he get a minyan to say Kadish during shiva?

Roy contacted his friends at the Mesivta Menachem in the neighboring township of Amherst. The Mesivta, entering its ninth year, is a growing source of pride to the greater Buffalo community. Under the guidance of Rabbi Yosef Munitz, the Mesivta has reignited an excitement and enthusiasm for Yidishkeit throughout the area.

The Glazers were able to experience this effect first hand. When the Bochurim heard about the opportunity to participate in this great Mitzvah, they were more than happy to comply. Throughout shiva, different shifts of Bochurim made the half hour drive to Lockport, twice a day (most of the travel time coming during their own breaks) to help make the minyan. It was a true Kiddush Hashem.

R. Lau attends Breakfast to benefit Colel Chabad

Rabbi Lau addressing the crowd

The former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau was in New York on Sunday morning to speak at a breakfast to benefit Colel Chabad. The breakfast was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Anteby of Deal, New Jersey. The event was organized by Rabbi Chaim Gurevitch. After the event, Rabbi Lau along with Rabbi Sholom Duchman, Director of Colel Chabad, visited the Rebbe’s Ohel.

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Israel File: Living in the Moment . . .

Baila Olidort –

On Sunday afternoon, the entire country felt the tragedy. 12 of Israel’s reserve soldiers were killed, in a direct hit by Hizbullah mortar in Kfar Giladi.

Today, as the dead are yet being buried, attention has moved to new exigencies. While the images of the scene—the raw horror and agony of the soldiers who saw their comrades killed—were hard to look at, harder still to forget, Israeli reticence is beginning to make more sense to me. The daily news here is made of tragedies and sacrifices—monumental and rare events in other countries—successive and constant ones here. Where others have time to heal their wounds, in Israel, it’s a luxury no one really can afford. So instead, the heartaches, like the heroes, are buried.

Chabad House offer’s personalized summer study

Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

As those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer come to a close, avenues for Jewish learning here in Kansas City are plentiful.

Rabbinical student Shmuli Wineberg studies with 12-year-old Adam Schlozman early this week as part of Chabad’s Men’s Summer Yeshiva. (Mark Coffey photo)

“Inquiring minds want to know,” said Chabad Rabbi Mendy Wineberg of the appeal of the Men’s Summer Yeshiva Program.

“People do want to study. We are the people of the book. Most of the time, the problem is we don’t have enough time or a class may not be at a convenient time or place,” he said.

Courting Black Voters’ Support, a Candidate Hits a Hurdle

The New York Times

In setting Brooklyn politics astir as a white man trying to take a Congressional seat traditionally held by black politicians, Councilman David Yassky has faced one huge challenge: capturing the support of black voters, who are the majority in the central Brooklyn district.

As part of his effort to attract these voters, Mr. Yassky’s campaign sent out fliers over the last month that discussed his passion for gun control laws, an issue that resonates among many minorities. One flier featured an endorsement by Thelma Davis, the mother of James E. Davis, a black city councilman who was killed by a gunman in City Hall three years ago.

Change at the Helm

San Diego Jewish Journal

Dr. Linda Kelley is Taking Chabad Hebrew Academy to Uncharted Heights

It’s early July and there’s a healthy stir inside and a lot of high energy surrounding the sprawling Scripps Ranch home of the Chabad Hebrew Academy.

Kids are shouting, laughing, running around and having a blast at Chabad’s Camp Gan Israel, which is in full swing on the 27-acre ampus. (But that’s typical for every summer at Chabad’s high-energy day camp.)

Westlake Village approves line of demarcation for Jews

Ventura County Star
Constructing an Eruv (Illustration Picture)

In the coming months, people in Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Oak Park may notice a construction project that involves securing fishing line to area streetlights.

This unique construction is for an eruv — a religious demarcation of an area that allows Jews to carry items within that perimeter on the Sabbath, said Rabbi Moshe Bryski of Chabad of the Conejo.

The Westlake Village City Council approved it by a 5-0 vote July 25. City Engineer John Knipe called it the “most interesting” encroachment permit the city has “ever seen.”

Jewish institute to open Boulder branch

The Daily Times-Call

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, the largest network for adult Jewish education, is planning to open a Boulder branch this fall. Course-registration deadline is Monday.

Rohr JLI is also accepting registrations for its first National Jewish Retreat, which will be held Aug. 16-20 at Copper Mountain.

“Nothing of this scope has ever been done before,” said Rabbi Hesh Epstein, chairman of the retreat-planning committee.