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Glazer Family Donates Aron Kodesh To Mesivta Menachem Of Amherst

Devastated by the sudden loss of his mother, Mr. Roy Glazer found himself in a dire predicament. Living in Lockport, N.Y, a small town near Buffalo, meant that the closest synagogue was half hour away. How would he get a minyan to say Kadish during shiva?

Roy contacted his friends at the Mesivta Menachem in the neighboring township of Amherst. The Mesivta, entering its ninth year, is a growing source of pride to the greater Buffalo community. Under the guidance of Rabbi Yosef Munitz, the Mesivta has reignited an excitement and enthusiasm for Yidishkeit throughout the area.

The Glazers were able to experience this effect first hand. When the Bochurim heard about the opportunity to participate in this great Mitzvah, they were more than happy to comply. Throughout shiva, different shifts of Bochurim made the half hour drive to Lockport, twice a day (most of the travel time coming during their own breaks) to help make the minyan. It was a true Kiddush Hashem.

The Mesivta’s devotion to a Yid in need made a profound impact on Roy’s father and changed his outlook on Yiddishkeit. In appreciation, the Glazer family chose to honor their late mother, Chaya Rivkah Bas Avrohom OB”M by sponsoring a custom built Aron Kodesh for the Mesivta.

To compliment this beautiful new addition to the Mesivta Zal, the Shuman family, a member of Anash in Amherst, sponsored a magnificent silver crown for the Sefer Torah. They dedicated it in honor of Mrs. Tzivya Mriam bas Yitzchok YL”T Gurary OB”M, wife of Rabbi Nosson Gurary, the Rebbe’s Shliach in Western N.Y.


  • 1. Shmuli wrote:

    Great to see the amazing work and kidush hashem of the Mesifta Menachem. Keap up the good work boys!
    That is a Fine Aron Hakodesh for a Super fine place.

  • 3. Shimon wrote:

    Rabbi & Mrs Munitz & all the Staff are doing a tremeadeus job with the Yeshivah, May they go Michayol El Choyil & may the Coming year be an outstanding success.
    With the Hisgalos of the Rebbe MH"M Mamosh Now !!!

  • 4. true chessed wrote:

    they are always nice to everybody who passes through and help out in any way the Munitz’s are just so nice KEEP IT UP and Continue to grow to the coming of Moshiach Speedily in our times


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