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Attempted Mugging Gone Awry

At around 1:30am Shomrim received a distressed call from a Bochur who was approached by a black male on the corner of Kingston and Carroll who said to him “this is going to be a stickup or a homicide”. The Bochur who was walking and talking on his cell phone when he was approached by the perp told his friend on the other end of the line “there is this Black guy trying to mug me”, upon hearing this, the would-be-mugger hit the Bochur in the head knocking his phone out of his hand and ran.

The call to Shomrim prompted an immediate canvass of the area by numerous members, who spotted a group of bystanders holding a black male who matched the description of the perp on Carroll between Troy and Schenectady, apparently the bystanders saw the perp running and a canvass going on they thought it was related and grabbed him and notified Shomrim.

Police were called, and a single cop car arrived within a few minutes and immediately called for backup, due to the large crowed that had gathered, and when they arrived they began telling people to leave the block. Police began looking into the incident and heard the complaint and positive identification of the victim, and then heard from a different bystander that the group had beat the perp, who the police confirmed was 15 years old.

After hearing complaints from both sides police decided to let the perp go saying that the victim did an illegal thing trying to follow the perp and calling Shomrim, police said that he should have called 911 and should have never looked for the perp.

The 71st precinct is under investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau for the hundreds of complaints filed to the CCRB [Civil Complaints Review Board] and to the IAB which included a broad range of irregularities in performing police duties at the precinct, this investigation is what led to the dismissal of the infamous duo, Lee and Ditto. Furthermore, the precinct has gained some media attention in news outlets like the Daily News as one of the worst and most under performing precincts in New York City, with the single larges leap in murders this year so far. Resident couldn’t help but notice all this, which is what prompted these complaints and ultimately the investigation.

Ever since the inception of Shomrim, a Volunteer Community Patrol, it had been a mark on the NYPD showing the fact that police have been doing an inadequate job requiring a group of volunteers to step up and try and help matters, and unlike in communities like Boro Park, Flatbush and Williamsburg where the local precincts work hand in hand with the Shomrim Patrols in order to provide a safe environment and utilize the patrols as part of its resources the 71st precinct works actively and aggressively against the Crown Heights Shomrim division and even the Crown Heights Hatzalah division, which range from ticketing vehicles on emergency calls, to calling it illegal to call Shomrim when in trouble, as had been done last night.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! If you are the victim of any crime R”L or were a witness to one, do not hesitate to call Shomrim at (718) 774-3333 24/7 followed by which you can call 911.

Police uncuffing the perp and letting him go.


  • 2. Israel wrote:

    We support your effort to call for an investigation into this shameful act of the police in letting this young thug go scott free after he was identified by the bystanders. these police should be held accountable for their shameful behavior and if their superiors condone the police behavior then they too should be investigated for dereliction of duty, and failure to protect their neighborhood. To the shomrim we can say Chazak V’ematz and keep up the good work.

  • 3. SAM wrote:



  • 4. homee fro crooklyn wrote:

    good job holmes nice work show em whos boss
    anachnu kan velo netze venitapech al akoshim

  • 6. vegasboysays wrote:

    the reason shomrim have more success in williamsburg is that they have the williamsburg bridge right there for their use.


  • 7. BigBen wrote:

    Webby good job on this report.
    You made a few good points:
    (1-) Call Shomrim/Shmira first, then 911.
    (2-) Report all crimes. If you are a witness come forward. Press charges.
    (3-) Attend the 71st Precinct Community Meetings. You can talk directly to C.O. Fran Vega. He needs to be told that his job is on the line here. Next meeting is in September. See you there.

    Yasher Koach to Shomrim/Shmira.

  • 12. Coper Shmater wrote:

    Call 911 and say that you see JEWS with knifes, they will call in the swat team.
    This is total B.S.
    Were all those Dirty Cops with all there comments about how they are just doing there job. (http://www.crownheights.inf…)

    If I get permission from either or I guess Shomrim I will print this story and hang it all over Crown Heights (and perhaps send it to every home in CH). I will fund this by myself. Of course if I will do this I will need help putting them up.
    This is to much, We most Stop this!!

    Enough is enough!!!

  • 14. To Carroll street wrote:

    The Civil Complaints Review Board is where you can file complaints about corrupt cops. You can fill out a form online at…, or you can call them at 311 and say you would like to speak to someone at the CCRB Hotline to file a complaint.

    All are encouraged to do so, to once and for all get the snake Vega out of the precinct, after all, HE is the root to all the evil and corruptness.

  • 15. How crazy can you get?!?!?! wrote:

    The shvartzes and the police are on the same beheima level now. They don’t even have to work at it any more!!!!!

  • 16. dismayed citizen wrote:

    well written report.
    i am completely mortified by the police action or rather LACK of action and wonder how exactly these cops define "to protect and to serve"

  • 17. shmuly wrote:

    I agree we shoud give a few goooood hocks before 911 is called to clean up the mess. Its called "self defense".

  • 18. the cops dont care wrote:

    they let him go!?!?!?! why is it illegal to call shomrim then 911 a person has the right to go call any one this is total b.s. ! we have to stop this now !!!!!!!!!!!
    good work shomrim keep it up your our only hope for safety !!!!!!!

  • 19. annonomous wrote:

    if there would not be so much internal fighting in the community which the cops know about very well and take advantage of knowing they can get away with not doing anything things would be different but since there is all this internal politics like we see there are 2 patrol organizations what can you expect they lose respect for everyone and the community suffers.

  • 20. Niomy- wrote:

    i heard enouph about these black people!

    their dangerous!

    i think every person in crown heights should go to judaica world and by a chitas card for 3 dollers!

    it keeps you safe!
    im telling you. i have one and it works!

    even the israeli soldgiers carry it with them where ever they go…

    BE SAFE!

  • 21. totally ticked off wrote:

    This Bochur needs to file an official report w/ Commissioners office & Internal Affairs. all witnesses need to come forward & back up his claims. Follow the directions from "To nCarroll Street" above.


    But they won’t cos they’re too busy suing Dovid Fisher & anyone else they don’t like.

    So, Bochur…YOU SUE!! Make lots of $$$ & even more importantly, get media attention to Vega’s anti-Jewish bias.

    Does anyone out there have press contacts?? Now’s the time to use them.

    Why are we always so passive?? Could it be because we have gotten used to being abused? Williamsburg has the right idea. Their leaders fight for them, not against them!

  • 24. COMPLAIN wrote:


  • 25. the boys that cere for crown heights wrote:

    the fact we somone stood up to this CHALERA actually saved somone else from getting muged and beaten!!

  • 26. Son of Sam wrote:


    Please post the officers names and any other info (ie badge numbers) you have on them so we can know who to complain against.

    Eveybody CH resident should see it as a chov on themselves to at least pick up the phone and call 311 to complian.
    If this would have happaned in BP I guarentee that within minutes there would be an all out riot never mind that it happaned at 1:30am.
    The Rebbe said bnogea such inyanim that we should take a lesson from Satmar to learn how to pprotect ourselves!!!

    Every Jew a .22!!!

  • 28. fed-up wrote:

    please give the info of the cops in order to fill out the complaint online.
    (unless its enough to complain without all the info)

  • 29. Boruch Hoffinger wrote:

    Many bystanders (acc. to story) claimed that the 15-yr.-old was the perp.,but one bystander said he was beaten and (I guess) thereby innocent!
    Time to start fabricating stories. If the nations (here USA) doesn’t follow the law we don’t have to be so careful (Shulchan Auruch).

  • 30. Just Suem wrote:

    You probably have enough to file a Federal Civil rights suit against the police. Call your local Lawyer.
    Does anyone know where our comunity leaders are?

  • 31. rk wrote:

    this corruption is very scary. this has to be dealt with with diplomacy, not violence. we need to get to the higher ups. take it to the mator then the governor if we have to etc trying to "take matters into our own hands" ohysically is not the answer. they outnumber us an out arm us. and clearly, they’re not too fond of us. not usually a good combination.

    mom to 8

  • 32. Awry is right... wrote:

    That is so horrible… you want justice, come to CH, ye right! This system isn’t going to continue to work this way, I tell you now, with all the complaints coming in, somethings gotta give.
    Webby, thanks for the definition… hah.

  • 33. Chanina wrote:

    I think it would help if you call 911 first because then the police can’t say you didn’t the follow the rules. It would be easier for me to ecxplain to the Commissioner why we need help when I am by him for photos. I think people are eing too unfair by the police, they want to be notified first because they are legal and Shomrim is not. Police have guns and can hendle perps better.

  • 34. carroll st. wrote:

    Thanks, I just filed a complaint on line. And even thought I know that most people feel that it doesn’t do much you never know. if there is enough volume maybe someone will take a look at what hte complaints are about.

  • 35. Mad River wrote:

    Keep driving the wedge between the police and the community with these positive articles and twisted facts as to what happened in reality and not the twisted world you live in. Get every cop to hate you, that is the solution. Keep filing complaints and ruin a police officers career who put there lives on the line each night for this unthankful community that they work in. Tell the wives of Rafferty, Parker, or the Officer who was killed in the line of duty last night how you think of the police doing G-D’s work each night and day.

  • 36. a reader wrote:

    The victim and the community should sue the police over this. Shomrim and shmira are legal and the victim or others had a legal right to call them. By saying he did not have a legal right to cal them, the police are questioning the legality of both organizations. By saying that a victim cannot follow a perp so he can be arrested, the police g a person’s right to protect themselves.

  • 37. concerned Chts-er wrote:

    a level headed person needs to give one page of information as to how to deal with all these issues.
    We need to work together and complain to the police board in an organized way. Many voices are the effective way for US citizens to get what they need. If we work on this, it will be to keep each other safer. B’ezer HaShem we should be matzliach, and may HaShem see that we want only the best for Am Yisrael.

  • 38. Jeremy wrote:

    making every cop hate us huh?!

    as if things can get worse… I am worried for my life andthat of my wife and kids… and you’re telling me to keep quiet so they won’t hate me.

    They already do hate me. In fact the reason they don’t clamp down on these perps is b/c their ppl will riot. But the Jews, they won’t so let them get killed.

    I think it’s time to turn the tables… Jewish blood is not cheap

  • 39. CW wrote:

    Message to Shomrim.

    If the 71st precent is acting against you, why do you kiss up to them every chance you get?

    For example by and demonstration against the precent, instead of standing with the demonstrators you stand along with the Police.

    You guys don’t even relize that they just think you a suckers for doing these things.

  • 40. resident wrote:

    please post officers names and all other info in how to fill out the complaint form so that it will be clear enough for EVERYONE to file a complaint.
    thanks for your time.

  • 41. BrookAve wrote:

    Kingston and Carroll, WOW WOW WOW ! The holies of the holies. You all laughed when I moved to Rogers Avenue. It is a pleasure in my neck of the woods. Try it, or do Midwood or even Fennimore. Expand! Ufaratzta! Dont worry, more "Shuks" to follow our hungry stomachs.

  • 42. moved away from ch wrote:

    enough allready!! what the hell is going on in this community?!? This place is so unsafe, we moved just so we can have peace of mind from these shvartzes. This is NOT right. Israel is a whole lot safer…

  • 43. ME wrote:


  • 44. Mugged in CH wrote:

    oh come on! plz dont start pointing fingers… u can say it NICELY!
    anyway i was also once mugged r"l in CH … and i have 2 tell u ITS NOT A NICE EXPIREINCE!


  • 45. eh wrote:

    To ME

    You should get a life, Chanina gives much more charity then you, and he got Jobs for over 30 men in our community and they get a great pay.

    I agree with you that shomrim is better then the police but if someone has a gun shomrim cant help (they don’t have weapons) but if someone gets mugged call shomrim first because they come faster and they come in more people then the police.

  • 46. Politically Incorrect wrote:


    It seems Chanina reads Webby’s site.

    It’s nice to know he CAN read!!


    911 doesn’t care about Jews. Don’t you know that yet?

    I should know…when I was recently attacked, they laughed @ me!

    Chanina, Harvey, Moshe…when are you & your pals going to realize that us voting you in (We’re all idiots for doing that) DOES NOT GIVE YOU A FREE PASS TO THE MAYOR’S DINNERS!!

    You were voted in because a) no one else was "allowed" to run & b) some morons really believed you would help them.

    Now that you have your little bit of power, USE IT TO HELP US!

    This story is a very good place to start.

  • 47. Grammar Maven from out of town wrote:


    You have great things to say, but they are hard to read and understand because everything is all one long, rambling sentence.


  • 48. Viewer wrote:

    To Mad River:

    What part of this story was "twisted"?

    To "Chanina":

    You say, "I think people are being too unfair by the police, they want to be notified first because they are legal and Shomrim is not." Is that sufficient cause for letting the perpetrator go free???

  • 49. Yossi wrote:

    Webby you should make a button called EMAIL THIS TO MAYOR OF NYC and see how many clicks it gets :)


  • 50. vB wrote:

    I agree with eh, me should get a life (don’t make bad comments) & Chanina does give a lot of charity & he did get over 30 men jobs.

  • 51. Itzik_s wrote:

    Everyone, regardless of your opinion of Chanina, that message was a prank and a forgery.

    And the fact is that the CHJCC/VHK is paralyzed now and can’t do a thing about this police problem. We need to handle it ourselves, by complaining to whoever is responsible for the poor performance of the 71st.

  • 52. CH observer wrote:

    Mad River

    yup, what part of this story is twisted you dumb arse cop in disguise. Just admit you guys messed up again. We know you try and yada yada but this is ridiculous. Just do your damn job . we’re not asking for more then that.

    The guy that moved to Rogers – good move . Not sure who laughed but lots of people are moving further down too like ENY, Madison St etc. Kan Tziva…. is enough for me for as long as it takes ;)

  • 53. Swiming up Stream wrote:

    Mad River wrote:

    "Keep driving the wedge between the police and the community with these positive articles and twisted facts as to what happened in reality and not the twisted world you live in. Get every cop to hate you, that is the solution. Keep filing complaints and ruin a police officers career who put there lives on the line each night for this unthankful community that they work in. Tell the wives of Rafferty, Parker, or the Officer who was killed in the line of duty last night how you think of the police doing G-D’s work each night and day."

    “Keep driving the wedge between the police and the community”

    Let me ask you a few questions please:
    When did this so called WEDGE start? Who started this WEDGE?
    How can we fix this WEDGE?

    Sould we simply turn the other cheek when were being treated unfearly?

    “twisted facts as to what happened in reality”

    You took the liberty to write those far, please take the liberty to tell use what really happened.

    “the twisted world you live in”

    Explane youeself.

    “Keep filing complaints and ruin a police officers career”
    Really? By just filing a complaint we can ruin a police officers carreer?
    Is there not an investigtion on the complaint, do they not look in to the matter*? Won’t you agree that if a officer is found guilty he sould pay for his crime I.E are you saying that a police officer sould be able to get away with un-justice because…
    “Officer who was killed in the line of duty last night how you think of the police doing G-D’s work each night and day.”
    There are good cops and there are bad cops.
    We are not talking about the good ones.
    And just because you saved my life last night does not mean you have the right to do what ever you wise with me.
    You are disrespecting those officers by saying what you said, you have no right to mention them with the cops that do what they do here (in CH) to use.
    We want Justice!

    *Are you afraid that they will serve real justice, not just let the officer go?

  • 54. eh wrote:

    TO Politically Incorrect

    2 years ago when Chanina was on the top of the CHJJC
    there was almost no crime.

  • 55. Bochur-s aunt wrote:

    I am seething to the core!!!! To think that police officers, paid by our hard earned tax dollars, are not there for us when we need them and then have the audacity to put the blame on us!?!? There’s a word for that….

    The CHJCC and R’ Chanina Sperlin should immediately rally Crown Heights in a huge Protest Demonstration outside of Bloomberg’s office before the perps. catch on to what is really going on R"L . The 1991 Pogrom when Dinkins looked the other way for 3 days was not so long ago!

  • 56. Mordy wrote:

    does "eh" mean that Chanina stopped crime? Wow, that’s like serious big time meshuganah. Do you think Chanina went out their shooting shvartzes? He is all bluff and bluster. In fact, he may get Rabbi schewi to let him create a competitor group so he will have a title and yesh/kavod. He makes me embarassed to live in the same community. What a loser. And I bet he has someone else write his emails. Maybe his super near son Chaim. Or the man who was Rabbi Groner’s orderly and driver that take al the ohotos.

  • 57. Sara wrote:

    This is completely ridiculous. The fact that the officers let the perp go based on bystander testimony that he was beaten is wrong and completely against the way law works in this country. What is the point of calling 911 in the first place if this is how they take care of it? In most places, if someone called 911 to report a crime, the police would come, take the criminal in for questioning, talk to some valid witnesses, and then take action from there. How serious does a crime need to be for that to happen?

  • 58. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK wrote:

    If you want to make complant againts an NYPD police offocer you can do so by calling 311 and make a complant with CCRB which is investagated by IAB. If you see something please call Shomrim at 718-774-3333 and also call 911 so the police respond. The NYPD needs to remove Deputy Inspector Vega from the 71 Precinct and put him behind a desk.

  • 59. upset wrote:

    to all idiots thinkin we should take things into our own hands, great idea, look what happened here, one person claimed the perp was hit and they let him go, actually hit him, he’ll be free you’ll end up in jail and another riot will start
    all other points accepted

  • 60. vB wrote:

    Mordy did Chanina do anything bad to you, he is a great bal chesed he does great stuff for the community,
    we need more people like him.

  • 61. Just Another Hater (JAH) wrote:

    Is this an anti-Police site? Obviously the entire story is not told and for someone who was at the scene this is what was left out. After the victim called for help and his help found the alleged perp, the threatened to beat the crap out of him. Can you imaginewhat it feels like for a black man to be chased by a group of white men with long beards in black and white suits in the middle of the night in an white neighborhood?
    I also notice that there was nno mention of the perp being beaten up so much that he was vomitting.
    I am not saying that what the black kid did was right but would you say what the Jewish kids did to him afterwards was self defense? I would think that there was more of a crime committed by the Jews beating the kid up rather than the Black kid knocking his phone over.
    Would it have been justified if the Black kid was arrested and the set of Jews that beat him up? First how can you point them out t the Police when they are all wearing the same clothes.
    Again I am not taking any side. But if everyone is going to come down on the Police you need to hear the entire story

  • 62. Anonymous wrote:

    Just Another Hater:

    What happened after the initial crime is 100% superfluous. If this young black wannabe mugger was infact assaulted he should go ahead and file a complaint against whomever it is that assaulted him. Though it would be pretty funny “Hey officer I just tried to mug some guy and he beat the living daylights out of me”. But the police have no right whatsoever to let him go based on the fact that he was assaulted after he tried to mug someone, one crime is completely separate of each other, and its up for a judge to decide if they are related and can compensate one from the other, NOT THE POLICE OFFICER!

    About you not taking sides, your comment REEKS of racial bias! I quote “a black man to be chased by a group of white men with long beards in black and white suits in the middle of the night” that line is just plain disgusting! When was the last time a black man was mugged by a “group of white men with long beard and black and white suits”?

    The perp beaten so bad he was throwing up? Yeh right, you defiantly weren’t there when he was arguing so animatedly with the cops, when the gravity of what he had done began setting in on him it scared him so much he started to throw up. I was there I didn’t see any marks on him, I didn’t see a beating, what I saw was some black woman come out and point fingers at the crowed and say “they all beat him up”… “They lynched him”! Hahaha!

    So, “to come down on police” all you need to hear is that they let a perp go, a perp who was positively identified by his victim, due to the police seeing it in their job description to be the judge as well.

    Not taking sides…. Yeh Right!


    If you don’t have shied numbers get the police car numbers and call CCRB at 311 and CCRB will inquire who was driving the police cars that night and also you can report acts of corruption against a member of the NYPD, contact the Internal Affairs Bureau at 315 Hudson Street, New York NY 10013, by phone at (212) 741-8401

  • 65. The way they look at it. wrote:

    Why is it happeming in Crown Heights???
    Because most of the time they get away with it when they are dealing with frum people. They are brought up to -as they call it- "Hustle" for their money, they laugh about rap about it and gain respect from it. In their culture there is nothing wrong with the face that they "hustle", they dont use the words steal or kill, they believe on G-D too, so they husle for their living. It’s just the way they are brought up, not all of them but alot of them.
    Until someone does something to stop it with a BIG change it will continue. (compare it to the situation in Israel)

  • 66. Troy Ave wrote:


    If you don’t have shield numbers get the police car numbers and call CCRB at 311 and CCRB will inquire who was driving the police cars that night and also you can report acts of corruption against a member of the NYPD, contact the Internal Affairs Bureau at 315 Hudson Street, New York NY 10013, by phone at (212) 741-8401
    I agree with him on the info he/she gave it was good we need to call that number on D.I. Vega so we can take him down with the rest of them. Like the rest of the Ditto and Lee’s we cannot tolerate it as a community, we shouldn’t have to suffer cause they are idiots. We must take the staff of the 71st PCT and clean it outand put all new people in there.

  • 67. EdTheMan wrote:

    Grammar Maven from out of town, I agree.

    I think there should be an editor to go through future comments (since comments here are moderated), so what is published is understandable.

    I am willing to edit some future comments.

  • 68. disillusioned & disgusted wrote:

    Does the Commissioner’s office have a web site or a way for us to send him all these postings & all previous posts that relate to how we feel about the 71st?

    Problem is, though, that our "elected" officials (including Letitia James) do not fight for our rights. That’s probably b/c The Vaad doesn’t give a hoot. So why should anyone else?

    What are we going to do to save ourselves? We all vent here, but no one (including me) is doing anything.

    IS ANYONE OUT THERE?? Can some responsible MALE (we women are not listened to!!) call a public meeting with Vega etc? Of course, Vega probably won’t acknowledge a meeting unless our community idiot or criminal call it.

    And we know they won’t call a meeting…it might interfere with their fights, Meseira, legal cases against everyone etc. etc.


  • 70. jg wrote:

    The incident sdhould be reeported to the IAB at 1 police plaza in Manhattan. it does not have to be done anonomously – in fact, if done by a community leader it could have more clout. It should also be reported to our local NYC Councilman with a cc to the Mayors Office – and a cc to the MAyor’s legal Council. All of these names and addresses are readily available. Lets handle the situation in a professional manner.

  • 71. Union Street, Brooklyn, New York wrote:

    I would like to advise all people who leave comments here please realize that the NYPD is probably going to be remove D.I. Frank Vega in the next few months cause of all the public attention it is getting. The 71st PCT is going to have a new commanding officer it could be good or a bad thing cause people in one police plaza read this stuff and it get’s back to them. So they are going to eventually have to rectify the problem and make it a better place for the community. I would cut back on the rants on the NYPD and just report it to CCRB or IAB cause it no one else’s business what you do and it’s none of the 71st business that we are doing it cause they will find out once a call it made to CCRB or IAB.

    Call 311 for CCRB when they answer you must request that you want to make a CCRB against a member of the NYPD.

    You can also report acts of corruption against a member of the NYPD,by contact the Internal Affairs Bureau at 315 Hudson Street, New York NY 10013, by phone at (212) 741-8401 or email
    Click on the link to see a picture of the scumbag D.I. Frank Vega

  • 72. Kingston wrote:

    The Bochur that got assaulted should’ve called the police before calling anybody. Not only that, I was there when this happened. The article forgets to mention that the Bochur that "supposedly" was mugged assaulted the alleged mugger with about 20 of his friends and hit him with sticks. Last time I checked… 20 against 1 wasn’t a fair fight. Not only that, but the law doesn’t allow you to take the law into your own hands. Call police or Shomrim. Don’t handle it yourslef.
    If the Bochur and his friends were so innocent, why did they leave the scene when the police arrived? I have a question, what evidence was there that this fifteen year old did the mugging? Did he have anybody else’s property on him?

    Police should be called before anyone? Great 71 job in being fair and impartial!! It would have been racism for you to favor either one of the two parties! You guys did great!! Thanks for putting your life on the line day in and day out!!

  • 73. history repeats itself wrote:

    to Kingston:
    You are so right Your comment earns the Chaim Rumkowski Ghetto Kapo Award. Maybe our beloved police officers will let you sit next to the bucketon the train, or even let you have a pocket full of potato peels.
    How many people have been arrested because of the bogus claims of a mugger? The bochurim were acting on experience . The " oppressed youth" said "will this be a stickup or a homicide? Its a pity he is sttill able to speak through his unbroken jaw about his mistreatment.


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