Kids Bake Challahs, Honor Firefighters

Challah bakers of all ages, accompanied by their parents, gathered on on Martin Luther King Day and had “loaves of fun” baking challah from scratch along with friends from across Orange County in upstate New York. The Kids Mega Challah Bake was organized by Chabad of Orange County, led by Rabbi Pesach and Chana Burston, and was held at the Monroe Lakeside Fire & Rescue Co.

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Weekly Story: When Incomplete Is Better than Complete

Not only did the parents who were misnagdim pull their children from Reb Eliezer Moshe’s class, but even the chassidishe parents were uncomfortable with this statement and found other melamdim to teach and tutor their children. How can he say such outlandish and provocative statement? Is he trying to create bad feelings or something? So while a melamed barely eked out a livelihood, even when he had a few students, now Reb Eliezer Moshe was truly impoverished.

Motzai Shabbos: Melava Malka and $18,000 Raffle!

This Motzai Shabbos, men and women are invited to join Hatzalah of Crown Heights for a Melava Malka, featuring a hot buffet and wine tasting, alongside a health symposium and entertainment by Yehuda Green, a noted singer and composer. Also, a trio of fine California red wines will be raffled off among those in attendance.

Life Sketches: The Empty Seat features stories about day-to-day Shlichus from Chabad emissaries around the world in a series titled Life Sketches. In this story, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Wolff of Kherson, Ukraine, relates the aftermath of a chance encounter with the local prison warden.

New Haven Whatsapp Group Keeps Police Informed

Residents of New Haven, Connecticut, feel much safer these days amid the rising popularity of a Whatsapp group that keeps tabs on the neighborhood’s safety and keeps police in the loop about any criminal or suspicious activity. The group was founded a year ago by Lubavitcher resident Mendy Katz, and already boasts over 500 vetted participants, including many police precincts.

Last-Ditch Letter to Obama for Rubashkin Pardon

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama announced that he had commutated the sentences of 209 individuals and pardoned 64 others. Members of the Orthodox Jewish community were dismayed to see that Sholom Rubashkin’s name was not among those issued clemency, prompting New York City Councilman Chaim Deutsch write an open letter to the president in a last-ditch effort for clemency.