Reminder: Don’t Forget to Make an Eruv Tavshilin

It is forbidden on a holiday to do any act in preparation for the following day, even if the following day is Shabbat. However, the sages created a halachic device, called an eruv tavshilin, which allows one to cook food on a holiday day for use on a Shabbat that immediately follows it.

Alternate Side Resumes This Week

Alternate side parking (street cleaning) regulations are in effect May 18-20 and May 22-23. ASP is suspended May 21st and May 24th, ASP is also suspended May 25th-June 7th. Parking meters remain in effect.

PSA: Food Distribution In Crown Heights

Thanks to the Chamah organization, a large amount of produce, eggs, and other food items are presently being distributed to all Crown Heights residents in the Bais Rivkah parking lot on East New York Ave. All items are first come first serve.

Did You Say the ‘Nasi’ Today? (Yud Beis Nissan)

From the Safer Haminhagim: Every day from Rosh Chodesh Nissan until the twelfth of the month, one reads the passage that describes the offering brought on that day by a particular Nasi, or tribal prince, for the dedication of the altar of the Mishkan. Yehi Ratzon in the Extended Article.