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While on his way to Israel, the US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, stopped by the stand of Chabad of the Airport in JFK to sign up his family for letters in the unity Sefer Torah.

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Picture of the Day

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin, who is currently on a visit to South Korea, presented South Korean President Moon with an Artscroll Maseches Bava Kamma, reflecting the profound interest and study of Gemara in South Korea.

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Picture of the Day

A perfectly timed photo from space created a special image in a special place. With the sun at a perfect angle, the two Matzeivos inside the Ohel in Queens create two blurry, but unmistakable faces, ones that look uncannily like the Rebbe. 

Picture of the Day

A search for a 35 year old Rebbi who disappeared in the ocean after saving an 11 year old boy moves into its second day. Despite the Coast Guard having called their teams off the search, a number of other Rescue Teams have joined the effort. Chaverim of Rockland, Hatzalah Air, and Shomrim of Baltimore have all joined in an effort to locate the missing man.

Picture of the Day

At the Avi Ezri Shul in Modi’in Illit, one of the mispalelim donated the Parnes Hayom (פרנס היום) in honor of Gimmel Tammuz.

Picture of the Day

Crown Heights is not the only place, nor Chabad the only ones prepping for Gimmel Tammuz. Camp HASC is also in full swing in its Hachonos for a Leil Shabbos farbrengen, with 30 lbs of Ohel Cookies.

Picture of the Day

In this photo, Rabbi Aron Dalfin can be seen on the left of the maggid shiur who it is believed is Rabbi Yosef Goldberg. Rabbi Aron Dalfin was asked by Reb Nissan to teach for the 6 months he was there on his way from Eretz Yisroel to the Rebbe in 1958.

Picture of the Day

At a wedding that took place last night in Lakewood, New Jersey, Rabbi Levy, the head of the OK Kosher Organization, met his Rosh Yeshiva from 53 years ago. A member of Moetzet Gedolah HaTorah in America a Gaon Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky, the Rosh Yeshiva of Philadelphia. At the brief meeting, Rabbi Kamenetzky praised the work of the OK.

Picture of the Day

We all know that the parking police in New York City can be heartless, but did you know that they could do this? A car that had all four tires stolen overnight, and was sitting on bricks, is apparently a perfectly fine target for ticketing.

Picture of the Day

Councilman Mathieu Eugene wishes Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky a happy birthday, and proclaims Monday in Brooklyn as “Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky Day.”

Picture of the Day

Judge Elena Baron, a present Manhattan civil court judge running for surrogate Judge in Kings County, visited the WLCC Communications Room in 770. She was accompanied by Crown Heights activist Rabbi Yaakov Behrman, and was given a tour by Rabbi Mendel Eisenbach. The elections for Surrogate Judge will take place on June 25th.