Picture of the Day

A blue painted car Menorah goes perfectly with a blue colored Michigan State Trooper vehicle which looks perfect parked in front of the Lubavitch Cheder in Oak Park Michigan. In other words, it’s a perfect picture.

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Picture of the Day

William Greenberg, a New York City Firefighter, just got a menorah and doughnut courtesy of Hadar Hatorah’s Mivztoim Office. Bochurim from Hadar Hatorah and Tiferes Bachurim came across this Jewish soul, and could not leave him without his Chanukah essentials.

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Picture of the Day

As Chanukah preparations are completed across the world and many begin to light the Chanukah Menorah, Crown Heights gears up for a Chanukah filled with pride. Even Crown Heights’s own Shark Demolition made sure to equip their trucks with a car Menorah.

Picture of the Day

Ten thousand masks were donated today by the  Association of Crown Heights Shuls to the Mitzvah Tank office in preparation for Mivtza Chanukah this year. Despite the increased difficulty in arranging this year’s Mivtzoim due to COVID, the Mtzvah Tank Office has not let it deter them.

Picture of the Day

The Kinus Hashluchim may be virtual this year, but even a virtual event takes a dedicated team to make all the moving parts work seamlessly. Meet the team that is working behind the scenes to make the Kinus Hashluchim Haolami 5781 a reality.

Picture of the Day

For the second week running, a massive parade of Jewish vehicles are proudly driving around New York City in support of President Donald Trump. Last weeks parade brought multiple altercations with anti-Trump protesters, so this week, they came out even stronger and prouder with the “Heavy Cavalry.”

Photo of the Day

As has become a yearly tradition, many of the Crown Heights Shomrim volunteers met on the last evening of Chol Hamoed Sukkot for their annual group photo.

Picture of the Day

In support of a testing drive being done today by the Yeshivas of Crown Heights, Harav Yosef Yeshaya Braun, a member of the Badatz of Crown Heights, joined the drive, and was tested for the virus.