Virtual Chanukah Launched! has launched their Virtual Chanukah website which contains a lot of information about Chanukah from stories to insights, games and greeting cards and loads more.

Chanukah Live; the program that runs every year, which gives us a live broadcast of menorah lightings from around the world, will be accessible through the Virtual Chanukah website as well.

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Premium Post
PRINCIPAL – Cheder, Melbourne Australia

Cheder Levi Yitzchok is a Chabad Lubavitch school which is focused upon producing Australia’s future Chabad leaders.

The role of Principal is the most senior leadership position at the school responsible for overseeing student wellbeing, classroom experience, curriculum, operations, compliance, staff management and wellbeing, parent liaison, financial management and facilities management.

We seek an experienced and inspirational Chabad educator with skills in school operations, staff management and motivation, and with the capacity to foster a passionate Chassidishe environment.

Please contact Mrs Devora Goldman: devora.goldman@cly.vic.ed...

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Class, Brass and 23 Doors

NY Times

A very interesting article about a house in Crown Heights on how it was back in the day, which appeared in the NY Times.

Beulah Smith lived for 44 years in a brownstone at Park Place and Brooklyn Avenue in Crown Heights. She never took in boarders, and after the death of her husband, Ivan, she lived alone among the oak paneling, stained glass and flowery wooden fretwork of her turn-of-the-century house.

When Ms. Smith died in 1996, at age 94, much of the interior of the house had remained unchanged since 1900. The shower, for example, was a brass affair with a huge dome-shaped spout, suspended above a large, wide-rimmed tub.

Last Thursday, in a self-storage warehouse at Third Avenue and First Street, near the Gowanus Canal, David Goldstein examined that tub with delight. “It’s got these great three-inch rims, which are fantastic,” he said. “I’m not crazy about claw feet, and it hasn’t got claw feet.”

Police Precinct Council Meeting

Once a month every month there is a Precinct Council Meeting in which residents can attend and voice any concerns or complaints about the neighborhood or the police department itself. By attending the meeting at least three times you give yourself a right to vote in the annual elections that are held for the Council Meeting.

Make your voice heard, attend the meeting!

Rally At The Ohel

This Thursday Yud Daled Kislaiv [Dec. 15th] the Rally At The Ohel for all children ages 5 to 12 will take place. The buses will be leaving from in front of 770 at 5:00pm and return at 7:30pm.

This time there will be a special program for all the Chasidshe events that take place throughout the month of Kislaiv, and there will be a special gift given out to every Child, a way for them to hold their “Chanukah Gelt”!

Suspected Gas Leak Draws Large Rescue Attention

Yitzchok Wagshul – Crown Heights Chronicle

The smell of gas at 706 Lefferts Avenue, the apartment building on the corner of Lefferts and Troy Avenues, brought a virtual army of emergency vehicles to the scene around 11:30 Tuesday night, as police and fire department units searched for a possible gas leak. The normally quiet street was clogged with fire trucks and vehicles from the police department’s Emergency Services Unit (ESU), whose personnel braved bitter cold to get the job done.

According to Sergeant DeCardio of the ESU, the leak was emanating from an apartment that seemed empty, and the fire department shut off the gas to prevent explosion. The massive emergency response was standard procedure, he explained, because “you don’t play around with gas.”

The numerous police and fire units were able to leave when the gas company, Keyspan, arrived and undertook repairs. Yet they were back just twenty minutes later, this time with a helicopter as well—only to leave again after about ten minutes.

Hassidic Reggae Star Matisyahu Captivates Israeli Audiences

Arutz 7

Up and coming Reggae music star Matisyahu played to sold-out audiences in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem last week.

The Israeli public warmly received Matisyahu’s mix of Reggae and Rap music with content containing strong Jewish spiritual messages. Matisyahu’s third album ‘Youth’ is slated for release by Sony records in January 2006.

Matisyahu, born 26 years ago as Matthew Miller, was an upper middle class unaffiliated Jew until he underwent a spiritual transformation during a trip to Israel. Upon his return to the US, Miller attended the New School for Social Research and explored the possibilities of Reggae music at various New York City clubs. At the same time, he continued to pursue his religious identity, eventually changing his name to Matisyahu and becoming a Lubavitch Hassid, studying Jewish texts at a Yeshiva (rabbinic seminary) in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Bruk, OBM

Photo: COL

With great sorrow we report the passing of R. Menachem Mendel Bruk of Kfar Chabad son of Reb Chaim Shaul Bruk, A”H. The Levaya will leave tomorrow, Wednesday from his home in Kfar Chabad at 9:00am and from Yerushalayim at 11:30am.

R. Bruk was survived by children Avrohom Aharon from Flatbush, Levi Yitzchak, Yossi, Shmuel, Chaim Shaul from Crown Heights, and his married daughters: Mrs. Noishtat from Rishon Letzion, and Mrs. Siroka from Bnei Brak, Mrs. Lishner and Mrs. Rivkin from Kfar Chabad, Mrs. Wilhelm A”H who had passed away just over a year ago. Rabbi Bruk was born on 13th of Cheshvan 5679 and just a month ago had celebrated his 87th birthday.

Chaim Shaul Bruk will be sitting Shiva in his house at 1335 Carroll St. and Tefilos will be: Shacharis at 9:30AM, Mincha at 4:00pm and Maariv at 5:15pm

Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim.

New York Celebrates 25 with Avrohom Fried

Photos By

An exciting concert honoring 25 years of Avrohom Fried’s public performances was celebrated in the Queens College Colden Center for the Performing Arts this past Motzoai Shabbos. World renowned singer, Avrohom Fried, a resident of Crown Heights, has recently released a new single titled “Ani Choshev Aleichem”, which is believed to be dedicated to the evacuees of Gush Katif. The event was chaired by broadcaster, Nachum Siegel. The show also featured the “Kinderlach” Choir from Israel and singer, Ohad Moskowitz. The concert was arranged by the Young Israel of Kew Garden Hills and the proceeds will be contributed to “Chicken for Shabbos”.

Fried, who had the merit to sing Chabad songs and Nigunim for Rebbetzin Chana, mother of the Rebbe, has recently denounced the growing trend of rejection of authentic Chassidic music. “Not everyone is capable of deciding what he can elevate to holiness. Only holy Tzaddikim like the Rebbe are authorized to “convert” songs”. In this spirit Fried is planning to release a new album of Chabad songs to append the Baal Shemtov Nigunim series that was enthusiastically embraced by the public.

More pictures in the Extended Article!

New Shluchim to Kansas

R. Zalman Teichtal and his wife will be moving out to Lawrence, Kansas next week to open a Chabad House at the local university where they will be organizing activities for Jewish students. Rabbi Zalman will be joining his brothers who have all gone out on Shlichus and have established Chabad Houses.

The new Shlichus post in Kansas has been made possible by combined efforts of R. Moshe Kotlarsky, the Campus Committee and the Rohr Foundation. The Tiechtels were appointed by R. Sholom Ber Weinberg, the Head Shliach of Kansas.

Pesha Devora Schulman OBM

With sadness we inform you of the untimely passing of Pesha Devora bas Tanya Schulman, the mother of Yibadlu Lechaim Tovim: Mr. Yisroel Schulman of Monsey and Mrs. Pnina Goldin of Crown Heights and wife of Mr. Herb Schulman of Florida.

The Levaya will take place on Tuesday, 12 Kislev (December 13) at 1:00 PM at Beth El and Cedar Park Cemetery in Paramus, NJ.

The family will be sitting Shiva at 83 Southgate Drive in Monsey.

Hamokom Yenachem eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim. Vehukeetzu Veranenu Shochnay Ufur vehee besochom!

Chabad of the Rivertowns To Hold Chanukah Balloon Fest


Dobbs Ferry, NY – Rabbi Benjy Silverman, Director of Chabad of the Rivertowns, has announced a Chanukah Balloon Fest to take place on the first night of Chanukah, Sunday, December 25th beginning at 3:45 pm at Chabad, 303 Broadway in Dobbs-Ferry.

The free event will include a balloon drop, balloon rockets, balloon typhoon, balloon sculptures and a balloon carnival — something for everyone from the youngest children to senior citizens. Featured will be a Giant 12 ft Balloon Menorah in keeping with the giant structures that Chabad of the Rivertowns has become known for since being founded four years ago by Rabbi Benjy and Hinda Silverman.

“Our objective in sponsoring this and other events,” said Silverman, “is to provide a warm and friendly place where all feel welcome, where no membership or affiliation is required, where children can participate freely in our wonderful facility, and where residents of all ages can share the joys of Chanukah with family and friends.”

Growing faith at Hanukkah

The Gainesville Sun

Dozens of families turned out Sunday at the Lubavitch Jewish Center in northwest Gainesville for the sixth annual “Chanukah Factory,” an afternoon of fun and games to teach the children about their Jewish faith.

Also known as Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday begins Dec. 25.

Children who were contestants in a trivia game were quizzed about their knowledge of the holiday with Rabbi Berl Goldman presiding as the game show host. The children also played “Jewpardy” after the TV game show Jeopardy, testing their smarts about Judaism.

Chanukah To Light Up Universal Studios

Lubavitch News Service

Video of the event: Choose quality High Definition, High, Medium or Low Quality

Will the ten thousand people who flood Universal City Walk’s cinema square to witness Chabad of the Valley’s menorah lighting and watch the giant Astrovision screen beam scenes from Chanukah around the world on Tuesday, December 27, from 5-9 p.m., know where to look first?

City Walk’s streetscape that features a sky-scraping electric guitar, a giant ape hanging from a storefront, and enough neon to rival Vegas, is the perfect backdrop for Chabad’s upcoming Chanukah Menorah lighting that will feature a kaleidoscope of important people, Jewish rock, and patriotic tributes. In the past Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Red Sox right fielder Gabe Kapler were hoisted up by cherry picker to light Chabad’s 18-foot tall steel menorah that weighs in at well over 1,000 lbs.

Research Assistant Wanted – Part Time (for project)

Must be fluent in translating Hebrew/Yiddish chassidic writings to be written English, have access to scanner, and correspond by email. Good for Bochur or seminary girl with a rabbinic or academic reference.


Haddonfield to light Hanukkah menorah


Haddonfield is having its first-ever public Hanukkah celebration, sparking a debate on whether religious ceremonies should be held on public ground.

Haddonfield Talks, an online discussion forum on the Yahoo Web site, has been buzzing with activity since the borough granted a request by a group of residents to allow a menorah-lighting ceremony to take place on x-mas Day. The first night of Hanukkah falls on Dec. 25 this year.

“There’s a lot of activity out there, a lot of discussion,” said Ilise Feitshans, who spearheaded the effort. “It can only be good to have that kind of back and forth.”

Ask The Clergy

An Arkansas Newspaper has a column called “ask the clergy” in which they “ask three clergymen three different questions specific to their faith groups.” Well only one is relevant to us, the question posed to the Shliach of Little Rock Arkansas R. Pinchus Ciment.

A READER ASKS: What is the reason for the Jewish custom of altering the spelling of a name when referring to The Deity, as in G-d and A-lmighty?

Rabbi Pinchus Ciment is the spiritual leader of Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center in Little Rock.

When mentioning The Deity in any form, it is to be treated with sacredness. When using any of the different names by which G-d is referred to in the Bible, even in a language other than Hebrew, one is to take care to treat the word respectfully.

Being that one does not know with certainty how you will treat the paper after reading it, and out of concern that it might end up in an inappropriate place with other items deemed to be insignificant, we are careful to not write the name of The Deity in its entirety. Rather, we make a slight change to the word that allows the reader to know what we are referring to without actually writing it, and thus we remove the concern of possibly treating a name of The Deity with disrespect.

Real Estate Observes a Law Even Higher

Steven Kurutz – The New York Times

An intresting article that appeard in the NY Times about real estate, Torah and Mitzvot.

To be a real estate agent in Riverdale, the leafy enclave in the northwest Bronx, is to be mindful of not only the rules of property ownership but also the rules of the Torah. The neighborhood is home to an ever-growing number of Conservative and Orthodox Jews, and when hunting for houses or apartments, they tend to follow a stricter course than the typical New York talismans of hardwood floors and sweeping views.

“Let me start with kitchens,” Bradford Trebach, a broker at Trebach Realty, said the other day. A kosher-friendly kitchen, he explained, has two separate stainless-steel sinks to keep meat and dairy apart and a two-tray, stainless-steel dishwasher for the same reason. “The ideal is to have duplicate areas for preparation, cooking and cleanup,” said Mr. Trebach, who is Jewish, though not Orthodox, and has the air of someone who has spent years pointing out patios that are ideal for building sukkahs.