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Weekly Letter: Deplorable Assertions and Misconceptions about the Land of Israel

Attacks on Israel and fake news is nothing new, as can be seen in the Rebbe’s letter we share this week. With the very challenging situation in Eretz Yisroel today – fighting an enemy both on the ground and in the public and political arena – we are sharing a letter that the Rebbe wrote to a US official in the UN. In his letter, the Rebbe decries the deplorable assertions and misconceptions about the land of Israel that are contained in the State Department report on human rights.

JEM: Joe Lieberman and The Rebbe

Former Senator and Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman passed away yesterday at the age of 82. In an interview conducted by JEM, Lieberman shares poignant memories of his encounters with the Rebbe, offering a glimpse into the profound impact the Rebbe had on his life.

Mediation Between AgriStar and The CHK Breaks Down Over The Issue of Other Hashgachos

The news broke this past Thursday that mediation between AgriStar Meats and The CHK had begun, while in truth, they had already collapsed. The talks, highly anticipated in the Crown Heights community with the hope of preventing a meat shortage or an increase in prices with Pesach approaching, ended abruptly just two weeks after they started.