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Weekly Letter: What It Means to be “Modern” and “Unmodern”

In our parsha, Chaye Sarah, we experience the first shidduch – of Yitzchak and Rivkah. In this connection we share a letter of the Rebbe with advice to a young lady with uncertainties regarding a shidduch – what it means to be “modern” and “unmodern” and the need to recognize the essential and the non-essential in choosing a partner with whom to build an everlasting edifice.

JEM: Why Do I Sometimes Feel Lazy?

The evil inclination is a master at its craft and will bring all sorts of proofs to justify its cravings. It will even claim that what it wants is natural and healthy. Engaging it in debates is futile, one merely detracts from the time and energy he could have used to study Torah and do mitzvos. Event Date: 7 Elul 5750 – August 28, 1990