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8:00pm: How Do We Maintain Inspiration After the Holidays?

The topics in this week’s 373rd episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: How Do We Maintain Inspiration After the Holidays? How Do We Apply the Chet Etz Hadaas to Our Personal Lives? Why Are There No Holidays in Cheshvan? When Were Angels Created? Is the Soul a Creation, or Did Souls Always Exist? Why Did Adam and Eve Cover Themselves After Eating From the Tree of Knowledge? Why Did G-d Ask Adam “Where Are You?” Was It Part of G-d’s Plan That Adam and Eve Sin in Order to Repair? What Can We Learn From the Three Floors in the Ark?

Video of the Day

Stealing is bad. Getting caught because you stole something so conspicuous that it can’t be missed is even worse. Can you just imagine what is going through the mind of this thief as he steals the Peddi Sukkah from the Chabad Israel Center of the Upper East Side?