Local Crown Heights Shiurim Continuing

ויעקב הלך לדרכו… This Winter Keep Yourself Warm with the Light & Warmth of Torah!

After Yom Tov, the local shiurim are restarting across crown heights and online with popular daily weekly podcast shiurim!

Choose your style, place, and timing. There’s various fascinating Shiurim on different subjects at various locations. The shiurim are given by a variety of talented and dynamic Magidei Shiurim.

Various locations shiurim are available: Daily chassidus, to start your day on the right footing. Daily Daf Gemora for daily nigleh learning. Daily Rambam to follow the Rebbes directives to learn Rambam daily and specifically in a public shiur. Sunday Morning Kollel with refreshments and light breakfast to start your week with boost of Torah study. Thursday Night Chassidus shiurim to prepare yourself spiritually for shabbos.

So, join, learn, connect, enlighten your mind, lift your spirits, and tune in to your essence thru daily Torah learning!

For a full listing of shiurim from Irgun Torah, visit: IrgunTorah.org/shiurim

For daily podcasts from Irgun Torah, visit: IrgunTorah.org/podcasts

For the daily Rambam timings and places of shiurim or daily Rambam podcast visit DailyRambam.net

These programs depend on and is made possible through the generous support of individuals. Partner with us Partner with Torah IrgunTorah.org/partner.

If you or your shul would like to start a new shiur, please contact us at IrgunTorah@gmail.com

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