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Eber’s Wine and Liquor Tishrei Sale

Weekly Letter: Shlichus, Seeding and Planting

In the week of P’ Shlach, when Moshe sends out his shluchim to scout the land, we share the Rebbe’s encouraging words to a shlucha. In answer to her doubts about success in her efforts – the Rebbe explains that activities fall into two categories – seeding and planting – as classified by chassidus and points out the importance of having confidence in the wisdom of the one who has given the assignment.

All Boxed In: How 20,000 Families Had a Passover Seder Despite a National Glue Crisis

In a year of a global pandemic, you might think that an unexpected national glue shortage would not be that big of a deal—after all, the year has seen a range of odd shortages. But for 20,000 Jewish families isolated in their homes for Passover, it could have spelled the difference between having what they needed for a Seder or not.

Boom: United Airlines Orders Supersonic Jets

United has just announced that they have agreed to buy 15 Boom Overture Supersonic jets with an option to buy up to 50, bringing back the age of supersonic travel.

Picture of the Day

R’ Nachman Schapiro (Head Mashpia of Oholei Torah, Chever Va’ad Lehafotzas Sichos) takes a photo with his class of תשפ”א in front of 770 seeing them off to the Rebbe’s Shlichus and Shiur Hei in the coming year.