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Weekly Letter: Shlichus, Seeding and Planting

In the week of P’ Shlach, when Moshe sends out his shluchim to scout the land, we share the Rebbe’s encouraging words to a shlucha. In answer to her doubts about success in her efforts – the Rebbe explains that activities fall into two categories – seeding and planting – as classified by chassidus and points out the importance of having confidence in the wisdom of the one who has given the assignment.

All Boxed In: How 20,000 Families Had a Passover Seder Despite a National Glue Crisis

In a year of a global pandemic, you might think that an unexpected national glue shortage would not be that big of a deal—after all, the year has seen a range of odd shortages. But for 20,000 Jewish families isolated in their homes for Passover, it could have spelled the difference between having what they needed for a Seder or not.

Picture of the Day

R’ Nachman Schapiro (Head Mashpia of Oholei Torah, Chever Va’ad Lehafotzas Sichos) takes a photo with his class of תשפ”א in front of 770 seeing them off to the Rebbe’s Shlichus and Shiur Hei in the coming year.