Weekly Story: A “Chance” Encounter

A few weeks ago I wrote about the summer that I went on Merkos Shlichus, and the feedback demonstrated that there is an interest in reading happenings of the present, as well as of the past, so I decided to begin this week’s post with a story that took place during that summer of 5738 (1978).

Picture of the Day

Chabad of Hackensack has brought a positive message to the masses in a “back to the basics” form, a massive billboard. The board overlooks the large I-80 highway as it passes through New Jersey, proclaiming the ever relevant old saying, “Think good, it will be good.”

PSA: Financial Assistance Site Launched For COVID-19

A Lubavitcher Yungerman in Crown Heights has created a blog focused on financial assistance available for the COVID-19 pandemic. The website covers the basic stimulus benefits and opportunities, and features articles and instructions on how to maneuver through the bureaucratic process.

With Halls Shuttered, Netanya Rabbi Makes Safe Weddings Possible

Rabbi Shneur Simcha and Moussia Landa have directed Chabad on Campus in Netanya, a seafront city in central Israel just North of Tel Aviv, for the last seven years. One of the rabbi’s greatest honors during that time, he says, was conducting marriage ceremonies for graduates that he and his wife had mentored at their Chabad House.