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31st Yartzeit of Dr. A Seligson OBM: The Rebbe’s Physician

Chof Hey Shvat marks the 31st Yahrtzeit of Dr. Avrohom Abba Seligson, who was known as the Rebbes physician. Dr. Seligson was born in Cracow, Poland and is a fourth generation descendent of the Alter Rebbe. In honor of his Yohrtzeit we are publishing a brief biography along with a collection of precious stories about him and the Rebbe.

Moscow Celebrates Triple Simcha

Anash of Moscow came together with other members of the Jewish community to celebrate a triple simcha with chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar. The celebrations took place at a Chof Beis Shvat event in the central “Marina Roscha” Shul in Moscow. At the event, two Siyumim were made, one on Meseches Rosh hashana, and another on the Sefer HaTanya.