Weekly Letter: Selling of the Birthright By Esav to Yaakov

This weeks letter is a summary of an exchange of letters – which Rabbi Mindel had in the early 1960’s with a team of reform “scholars” who translated the Bible to English. He took particular issue with their gross mis-translation and false implications of the verses referring to the selling of the birthright by Esav to Yaakov.

Chabad Partners Conference a Great Success

Delegate from across the globe enjoyed the Chabad Partners Conference a division of this years Kinus Hashluchim. Welcomed by Rabbi Lipa Brennan, who co chaired the event with Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie, Yorba Linda CA, the attendees enjoyed a series of speeches, presentations and dialogues during which they developed a deeper understanding of Chabad and their role as partners of the Shluchim.

Here’s My Story: Summer Camp For Life

Rabbi Simcha Piekarski, who lives in Deerfield Beach, Florida, spends his time teaching and studying Torah and working with his wife in her interior design business. He was interviewed by JEM’s My Encounter Project in September of 2019.