Weekly Story: Eliyahu Will Clarify It

In the shiur Tanya of this week the Alter Rebbe discusses how will the halachos be in the days of Moshiach, may it be speedily in our days. Learning it, I was reminded of the following story. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Chabad On Campus Annual Pegisha This Shabbos in Crown Heights

The Chabad on Campus International student Pegisha-Shabbaton is underway with students coming in from across the world to spend Shabbos in Crown Heights. On Sunday, the students will have a chance to visit and daven at the Rebbe’s Ohel. For many students, it is the highlight of the trip and inspires them to return to campus as stronger, empowered Jews.

Bloomberg ‘Actively Preparing’ Presidential Run

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is actively preparing to enter the Democratic presidential primary. According to the report, Bloomberg is expected to file paperwork this week designating himself as a candidate in at least one state with an early filing deadline.