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Picture of the Day

Ahead of the new school year, a giant billboard right outside Kfar Chabad features a blessing and picture of the Rebbe. The text of the blessing was in fact written by the Rebbe to students of Kfar Chabad, and now is displayed for all to see. This is one of several such billboards erected recently across Israel, all featuring Rebbe pictures courtesy of JEM.

‘Roving Rabbis’ Report: Jewish Life in Remote Saskatchewan

It was a chilly night as we disembarked the plane at John G. Diefenbaker Airport, the winds sweeping through the endless plains. This was my third time in Saskatchewan, having previously been assigned by Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters to help out at local Chabad centers in Regina and Saskatoon for the holiday of Shavuot. But this time was different. I wouldn’t be spending just a few days in the major cities with an established Jewish community. I was here for a vastly different purpose: to meet Jews scattered throughout the province, in cities, towns and villages with no existing Jewish infrastructure, helping them keep their Jewish flame burning.

Here’s My Story: If It’s Good – Do It!

For many years, Rabbi Chaim Shneur Nisenbaum has worked for the French government as chargé de mission. He is a writer who translates, among other things, the videos of the Rebbe to French and has served as the spiritual leader of the Beis Chaya Mushka Shul in Paris. He was interviewed in June of 2015.