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Governor Cuomo Releases Statement on Anti-Semitic Rockland County Video

In a press release about the anti-Semitic video released by the Republican Party of Rockland, Governor Andrew Cuomo wrote the following:

“The video created and shared on social media by the Rockland County Republican Committee is not just disturbing, it is disgusting. This type of attack and incitement against the Hasidic community is the very definition of discrimination and anti-Semitism. I condemn it in the strongest possible terms.”

“There is no excuse for anti-Semitism masquerading as concerns over zoning or development. While this video has since been removed, its impact will still be felt by the members of the Jewish community targeted by their own neighbors. This video is the latest example of the politics of division and hate permeating the nation and it must be called out. Every single member of New York’s GOP must openly denounce this hateful rhetoric immediately and make clear that we will not tolerate this despicable behavior.

“In New York, we must continue to stand united and not let this hatred and rancor poison our nation.”

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