Two Jewish Boys Assaulted North of Toronto

B’nai Brith Canada on Sunday expressed concern after two Jewish boys were assaulted in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area Jewish community. The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon, when two boys wearing kippot were walking near the Garnet A. Williams Community Centre in Thornhill, north of Toronto.

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8:00pm: Is There Life on Other Planets According to Torah?

The topics in this week’s 271st episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: Is There Life on Other Planets According to Torah? Does Cholov Yisroel Effect Our Emunah? Is It Appropriate to Paint a Mural of the Alter Rebbe on an Alley Wall? How Can We Explain the Many Wives of Yaakov, Shlomo and Others? I Am No Longer Frum and Feel like I Am Dying Inside. What Can I Do? AA and the 12 Steps: Is It Legitimate According to Torah and Chassidus? Why Is It so Bad to Commit Suicide?

Chabad House and Mikvah Damaged in Flood

Chabad in Cheadle, England, has successfully been running for over 20 years by Rabbi Peretz and Rebbetzin Chavi Chein. Due to severe rain a river burst it’s banks, flooding all the mikvah and part of the Chabad House with water. Help the Shluchim get the Mikvah back up and running.

Picture of the Day

This vintage photo is of Rabbi Kolodny’s a”h Class at Yeshivas Achai Temimim taken in the zal in 770. Can you help us identify all the students in the photo?