Chabad House and Mikvah Damaged in Flood

Chabad in Cheadle, England, has successfully been running for over 20 years by Rabbi Peretz and Rebbetzin Chavi Chein.

Following a long and difficult road the Cheins managed to build a state of the art mikvah in a new expanded Chabad House.

The Mikvah has become a central point in the local community, with many other Rabbis and Rebbetzins from accross the spectrum using, promoting and hosting events with the Mikvah. Which has B”H resulted in a unbelievable positive revolution throughout the area.

Due to severe rain a river burst it’s banks, flooding all the mikvah and part of the Chabad House with water. This has resulted in severe damage and mess meaning that the family has had to move out of the chabad house and home temporarily.

As well as being able to move home, the Rabbi and Rebbetzin are devastated that the mikvah, the only one in the immediate area is out of action and are determined to get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

Please help us make this a reality!

Insurers have told us they will not help, so we are looking to our friends and supporters to partner with us in getting our mikvah and Chabad house back up and running as quickly as possible!

We now turn to you and plead! please help us refurbish the Chabad House and make the Mikvah usable again! Time is of essence as for many people this Mikvah is the difference between keeping Taharas Hamishpocho or Chas Vesholom not!

Every day that the Mikvah is not open has an immediate impact!

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