Styrofoam Ban in NYC Takes Effect

New York City has joined the list of cities that have prohibited restaurants and other business from using polystyrene foam containers, cups and plates for take-out food, and foam peanuts used as packing material.

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Thousands Of Ethiopians Violently RAGE Across Israel Following Teen Killed By Policeman

Thousands of Ethiopian Israelis took to the streets in many cities across Israel, bringing major intersections to a halt. Dozens were arrested as protesters hurled bricks, rocks, and other objects at police. Tires were set ablaze as well. People were stuck in traffic for hours and hours. In many locations Police did not attempt to stop the protests. Many police cars were destroyed, as protesters flipped them over, while others were set on fire.

Hungarian Delegation Visits Crown Heights

On Tuesday, July 2nd, the Hungarian Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Laszlo Szabo, along with Hungarian Consul General Istvan Paasztor and Consul Viktor Janzso, met with a delegation of Chabad leadership at Chabad Headquarters in Brooklyn led by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch.

JEM: The Lubavitcher Rebbe in Action, Excavating Precious Gems

The Baal Shem Tov taught that just as the earth holds the deepest treasures, so does every Jew contain precious stones and gems, untapped potential that can be brought forth. All that’s needed is for someone to dig deep, find the richness, and bring it to the fore. Watch as the Rebbe digs deep into four souls, reveals their brilliance, and sets them forth to inspire others.

Criminal Justice Summit at Columbia Law Inspired by the Rebbe’s Teachings

On June 17-18, some 400 jurists—including federal and state judges, district attorneys, members of Congress, probation and parole officers, academics and activists—gathered in Manhattan for the landmark Rewriting the Sentence summit on alternatives to incarceration. Hosted by Columbia Law School, the summit was organized by the Chabad-Lubavitch-affiliated Aleph Institute, the leading Jewish organization caring for the incarcerated and their families.

Lahak: 56 Years later, the Maamar Resurfaces

In an amazing Hashgacha Pratis, an entire package of letters was recently discovered in the archives of the late Rabbi Ashkenazi of Kfar Chabad a”h, from his friend Rabbi Berel Lipsker of Crown Heights. Aside for a collection of yomanim, it included a missing hanacha of the Maamar from Shabbos Matos-Mas’ei, 28 Av 5723.