Thought Leaders Rave about ‘Positivity Bias’

“Positivity Bias,” the newly-released book that has been making waves around the world. Readers are raving about its easy-to-read style and its life-changing perspective on how to approach each day. The book, which was inspired by the example and teachings of the Rebbe, teaches that positive perception is applicable and accessible to all.

Chabad of The Valley Celebrates 46th with Gala

Chabad of the Valley celebrated its 46th year in the greater S. Fernando Valley in a Concert Gala titled “B’YACHAD” – Connecting, Empowering, Advancing – Together. The evening which took place at Chabad of the Valley Headquarters in Tarzana, featured acclaimed Broadway entertainer Dudu Fisher in concert.

New York Governor Cuomo Visits Western Wall

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo visited the Western Wall and the tunnels with his daughters on Friday morning. Cuomo toured the tunnels with the Director General of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation Mordechai (Soli) Eliav, learned about its history and its importance as the center of Jewish longing and yearning for Jerusalem throughout the generations.

Information to be Menachem Avel the Kievman Family

The Kievman family will be sitting Shiva for their father Reb Yosef Kievman obm, at 448 Sterling St. in Crown Heights. SIX MINYANIM ARE NEEDED, times in extended article.