Weekly Letter: The Importance of The Premise

In preparation for Shavuos, the Festival of the Giving of the Torah we share a scholarly letter in which the Rebbe comments on an article that discusses The Philosophy of Judaism.  In the letter the Rebbe emphasizes the importance of first ascertaining the premise upon which a discussion is based, so that the discussion can use the methods applicable to that premise: What is the premise? 1. accept Divine Revelation on Mt. Sinai or 2. not accept Divine Revelation as a fact, thus implying that our religion is based on man’s intelligence.

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Oholei Torah Chai

Video of the Day

We present an inspiring story, told by singer Yoni Zegelbaum, of the power Torah and Mitzvos. This story, a story for Shavuos shows that even if you don’t realize it at the time, even the small things we do make an impact.

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What It’s Like to Lead the Small Jewish Burial Society in San Diego

A central organ of Jewish communal life is the chevra kadisha, the “sacred society” that performs the final rites for the Jewish deceased. In this conversation, Rabbi Rafi Andrusier, 32, who co-directs Chabad of East County in San Diego with his wife, Chaya, discusses the ins and outs of serving as men’s coordinator for the city’s chevra kadisha.

Picture of the Day

We all know that the parking police in New York City can be heartless, but did you know that they could do this? A car that had all four tires stolen overnight, and was sitting on bricks, is apparently a perfectly fine target for ticketing.

Two Girls Killed in Accident in Southern Israel

Two girls, ages four and seven, were killed in a car crash Thursday, which occurred on the Arava road, Route 90, near Ein Yahav. The victims of a fatal accident in southern Israel have been identified as new immigrants, who moved from France to Israel three months ago.