A Sefira Tribute to 40 Years of Avraham Fried

For the last 40 years Avraham Fried has been performing for, and bringing joy to, people all over the world. In honor of the 40th year, The Soul Key Acapella group – who also happen to be Fried’s backing vocalists at his concerts for the last 7 years – decided to dedicate a mash-up medley of his greatest songs.

8:00pm: Am I Allowed to Shave or Trim My Beard or Moustache? Are Long Wigs an Issue?

The topics in this week’s 260th episode of the highly acclaimed popular MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: Poway Follow-Up; Chassidus Applied to Emor; Is Ahavas Yisroel Achieved by Ignoring Our Differences? Am I Allowed to Shave or Trim My Beard or Moustache? Are Long Wigs an Issue? What is the Concept of Our Counting 49 Days of the Omer, Preparing Us to Then Receive, as a Gift from Above, the 50th Day, Which Is Beyond Our Capacity to Reach on Our Own?

Bring the Torah to Rural America

For the past four years, a beautiful Shavuos Visitation program has helped shluchim living in geographically remote areas with no family or fellow Lubavitchers nearby. Organized by The Ufaratzta Circle, a small-community outreach department at Merkos 302, this remarkable project sends groups of Yeshiva bochurim to more than 40 shluchim throughout North America for the Yom Tov, helping the community make a minyan for Krias HaTorah, imbuing the communities with an energetic holiday chayus, and bringing powerful chizuk to the shluchim and their children.