The Rebbe’s Longest Hemshech, Now in Print

Twenty-eight years since the powerful Sicha of the 28th of Nissan 5751, on the very same day, a new Sefer of the Rebbe’s Torah has been distributed across the world by Lahak Hanochos: Toras Menachem – Sefer Hamaamarim 5731. It is the twenty-second volume of the Rebbe’s maamarim published to-date, and covers 390 pages.

The Science of Vaccines, The Myths and Lies

As many people look to find the truth about vaccines and find sources of information, both sides of the argument have taken to pamphlets and magazines to push their ideas. Parents Informed and Educated has released a mini pamphlet taking a look at the science of vaccines. They lay out each argument found, laying bare each bias, myth and lie.

Ceasefire Comes Into Effect, But Battle not Over Yet

A ceasefire agreement brokered by Egypt went into effect at 4:30 Monday morning, following two days of rocket attacks by Gaza-based terrorists and Israeli retaliatory strikes inside Gaza. Some 700 rockets were launched from Gaza towards Israel, killing four and injuring dozens.