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8:00pm: How Do I Deal with Online Addictions?

The topics in this week’s 256th episode of the highly acclaimed popular MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: How Do I Deal with Online Addictions? Lessons from Beis Nissan: 100th Year Since the Rebbe Rashab’s Histalkus; I Find It Difficult to Identify with My Soul Being Divine; How Can We Say That Some Souls Are Closer to G-d Than Others? When Learning Rambam, Aren’t There Some Sections That Are Inappropriate for Teenagers? What Is the Idea of Olam Haba, and How We Can Say That Some People Will Not Have a Share in It When Every Soul Is Immortal?

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Luxury Condo For Sale PRICE REDUCTION

-580 Crown 
-4 Bedrooms,
-3 Bathrooms,
-4th Bedroom was made into a Living Room,
-Dining Room,
-Split units in every room,
-Custom made closets,
-Very sunny unit,
-2 Porches directly from unit,
-Private Storage Room,
-Shabbos Elevator,
-Tax Abatement,


Listed to sell
Price: $949,000. Negotiable

Exclusively by
J.J. Katz
Heights Properties
718-363-3932 x101

Woman’s Auction Event Tonight for the Geshem Shul (Ad)

There is a haven in Crown Heights, a Shul is bustling with activity, bringing community together. This Shul is a place where members feel a sense of belonging, looking out for each other and supporting each other in happiness and in times of need. The Geshem shul will be hosting its Woman’s’ auction event tonight. To purchase your tickets and support the Shul, please visit

Info to be Menachem Avel the Borenstein Family

The Borenstein Family will be sitting Shiva for their mother Tzivia Libba Borenstein obm, at 37 Balfour Place in Crown Heights. Minyanim and Shiva times inside