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Adar A Time to Increase – Thinking Breiter!

Thinking Breiter is all about increasing, increasing what we do, increasing what we aspire to, increasing what we give. Our sages teach: משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה, in the month of Adar we increase in joy. There’s a soul-stirring Chassidishe way to read this Maamar Chazal: משנכנס אדר מרבין. In the month of Adar we increase. Period. And that increase is done, בשמחה, with complete and utter joy. We beseech you to partner with us in Thinking Breiter, by giving and giving generously to our LIVE campaign.

RebbeDrive: The Rebbe Gets a New Car

RebbeDrive presents the video of a new car being presented to the Rebbe, on Purim Katan 5746. The new car, a Cadillac, was customized specifically for the Rebbe’s needs. To everyone’s surprise, the Rebbe rejected the car, asked for the old car to be brought back, and saying “Soine Matanos Yichye” (the one who hates gifts, will live).