R’ Hecht: MicDrop 10 Times Worse than Call of the Shofar

On the heels of a recent controversy involving a Rabbinic prohibition on attending an event titled “MicDrop,” in a recorded interview Rabbi Shea Hecht likened the phenomenon to the Call of the Shofar, a cult-like therapy program. R’ Hecht has now doubled down on his claims saying, “not only is it another Call of the Shofar, it is ten times worse.”

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Video of the Day

Letitia “Tish” James,currently serving as the Attorney General of New York, spoke in front of a crowd following the death of a New York City Police officer while on duty. She calls for a moment of silence, then makes reference to the Crown heights community. Watch as she calls herself an honorary Lubavitcher, and thanks everyone for the Jewish vote.

Beth Lubavitch of Paris Holds Gala Event

More than 2000 people gathered in Dock Pullman Salons to support the institutions of Beth Lubavitch. Beth Lubavitch works day after day with to perpetuate our tradition. It should be noted that this gala evening marked the 20 years of anniversary of the Beth Haya Mouchka complex in the 19th district in Paris.