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Letitia “Tish James,currently serving as the Attorney General of New York, spoke in front of a crowd following the death of a New York City Police officer while on duty. She calls for a moment of silence, then makes reference to the Crown heights community. Watch as she calls herself an honorary Lubavitcher, and thanks everyone for the Jewish vote.


  • 1. "Honorary Lubavitcher" 🤣🤣 wrote:

    What has she done to deserve that title?
    Photo ops and speeches don’t count!

  • 2. Anon Resident wrote:

    She should speak directly to her community because that is where the attacks and anti-Semitism in CH is coming from.

    Great that she took 5 minutes off from trying to impeach Trump though!

  • 3. She's a fraud wrote:

    She uses this “honorary Lubavitcher” nonsense as if she gives a hoot about us.

  • 4. Honorary Lubavitcher??? wrote:

    SHAME ON YOU! Why were you silent on Omar?

    And shame on the pandering Lubavitchers like Sperlin, Cohen, Tamir etc.

    You all make me vomit. NEW ELECTIONS IN CH!!!!


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