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Oholei Torah Chai

Chabad of Bedford Damaged in Fire

About 75 firefighters battled a blaze inside the Chabad of Bedford Tuesday afternoon, Bedford Hills Fire Chief Alex Dennett said. The fire damaged about a quarter of the area near the main entrance. The fire chief said that the cause appears to be electrical in nature, but is under investigation. 

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Tanya Makup Artist

Video of the Day

While in the wreckage of Rabbi Lankry’s Yeshivah in Liberty, NY, the healing powers of song was caught on video. The yeshivah, seen in the video, was set on fire and defaced with swastikas. The video captures the moment the bochurim and hanholah stood in the wreckage of the yeshivah, and sang.

Picture of the Day

A rare moment was photographed as coordinators from four Shomrim divisions met at a recent event. The coordinators are bottom left: Gadi Hershkop (Crown Heights), top left: Boruch Moskowitz (Flatbush), top right: Heshy Kahan (Boro Park), and bottom right: Shulem Klein (Rockaway Nassau).