8:00pm: Why Has Chalukas Hashas Not Gained Traction in Chabad?

The topics in this week’s 240th episode of the highly acclaimed popular MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: Chassidus Applied to 10 Teves and Parshas Vayechi Why has Chalukas haShas not gained traction in Chabad? What aspect of a Jewish mother determines the Jewishness of her child – conceiving, carrying or both? Should we insist that our 8-year-old son go to Shul on Shabbos? What should be our goals when we go on mivtzoim? How should we speak to non-Jews about sheva mitzvos?

Video of the Day

Social Media user Menachem Cohen (@menachem04), posted a video to his twitter feed of a Young Lubavitcher inviting a plane full of people to a shabbos meal at the Chabad of Venice. He can be seen asking the stewards permission before making the invitation over the planes intercom. Thank you for flying Easy Jet!