Uncle Pinchey Comes Out Of Retirement!

The iconic Uncle Pinchey was straight off the boat when he was first introduced in “Uncle Pinchey Comes Home.” He quickly became one of the most famous and adored puppets of the Small Wonder Puppet Theater.

If you were a kid in the late 80s or 90s, and your stash of Jewish videos included “Uncle Pinchey Comes Home” you most likely find yourself saying, “What’s in there rocks from Russia?” Or perhaps you find yourself singing, “There’s nothing in the world better than cheesecake before you lie down for a nap!”

Recently, all of the old Small Wonder Puppet Theater classics like “Uncle Pinchey,” “The Dancing Bear,” “Rambam Cures the King” and more became available. At UnclePinchey.com a new generation can enjoy good, fun, wholeome entertainment.

UnclePinchey.com is the home of all of the Small Wonder Puppet Theater’s puppet show classic Jewish kids videos.

And now, as part of the fresh content being added to UnclePinchey.com there’s a new video featuring Uncle Pinchey and friends, a ventriloquist act by veteran puppeteer Yaakov Horowitz, and a niggun performed by flutist Yehuda Piamenta.

The Small Wonder Puppet Theatre was established in 1978. Since then, more than one million children have sung, laughed and been entertained by the puppet theater’s magical mix of music, puppetry and storytelling.

Since its inception, Small Wonder has presented nearly 5,000 public performances.
In addition, they have produced nine children’s videos that have educated and entertained an entire generation of children.



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