Nepal Shliach Organizes Rescue on Yom Kippur

It was the night of Yom Kippur, and Rabbi Chezki Lifshitz was not in shul. The rabbi, who heads the Chabad house in Kathmandu, Nepal with his wife Chani, was off on a search-and-rescue mission. A 50-year-old Israeli had met with a nasty fall while hiking at a Mount Everest base camp with his son, and had reached out to the Chabad for help.

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1956 Shluchim to Hold Historic Reunion

Following a murderous terror attack in Kfar Chabad in 1956, the Rebbe sent a group of twelve shluchim to uplift and inspire the community. For the first time ever, these Shluchim are coming together for a historic reunion and panel discussion, to recount this momentous period in their lives.

Following Violence in Vegas, Shliach Provides Comfort

In what is being called the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, a gunman with multiple weapons at his disposal, stationed in a high-floor room at a Las Vegas hotel, rained a rapid-fire hail of bullets on outdoor music-concert-goers Sunday night, sowing death and pandemonium. Rabbi Mendy Harlig, a chaplain with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said it has been a long and harrowing night for law enforcement.

Women’s ’60 Days’ Program Doubles in Size

Four years ago, Michal Weiss was looking for a way to make her Elul preparation and reflection more meaningful. It was at that time that she first encountered and began using Rabbi Simon Jacobson‘s 60 Days: The Spiritual Guide to the High Holidays. As she discovered how useful the text could be in spiritually preparing for the chagim, Weiss introduced it to friends. The rest is history.

Jewish Woman in Critical Condition in Las Vegas

A Jewish woman is among those seriously injured in the Las Vegas shooting attack last night. She is reportedly in critical condition. Please take a moment and say Tehillim for Chana Rochel Bas Sora, as well as for all those who suffered in this horrific attack.

New Chosson Center Opens in Miami

In response to the pressing needs of young Chassanim and in consultation with many prominent Florida Rabbonim, a new and exciting program in Miami will give Chassanim the appropriate resources to enable them to meet the challenges of marriage in the contemporary world.

770 Communications Room Opened to Guests

The hundreds of Bochurim who arrived to spend Tishrei with the Rebbe were treated to a rare glimpse of 770’s ‘communication room,’ where they got to see the myriad sophisticated equipment that was used to broadcast the Rebbe’s farbrengens and messages, as well as the wellsprings of Chassidus in general, to all parts of the globe.