Chabad of Stanford University to Get $1.3 Million

Taube Philanthropies announced it has pledged a $1.3 million grant to Stanford Chabad, led by Rabbi Dov Greenberg. The funds will be used to buy a new property near the Stanford University campus and construct a new Stanford Jewish center, to be named Taube Chabad House.

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Calabria Esrog Shortage Leaves Distributors Scrambling

By now, Calabria’s delicate citron trees should be straining under the weight of heavy green fruit, ready to be harvested. The Cedro della Riviera dei Cedri, or Calabria citron, grows nowhere else in the world but a portion of this southern coastal region of Italy, a small area of farmland squeezed between blue sea on one side and green mountains on the other.

YSP Enjoys Full-Day Trip to Six Flags

On Thursday, the Talmidim of Yeshiva Summer Program in Morristown, NJ, enjoy a day of roller-coasting around Six Flags Great Adventures. Boasting more than 7 roller-coasters, including the famous tallest-in-the-world ‘Kingda Ka’, there were ample rides to keep every Talmid entertained. As usual, the Talmidim did not miss this opportunity to do Mivtzoim.

Community to Unite in Prayer for 7-Year-Old

Today, Tu B’Av, is an auspicious day about which it is written “there were no Yomim Tovim for the Yiden like the 15th of Av.” Therefore, men women and children from around the world will be participating in rallies and storming the heavens today for the Refuah Sheleimah of Chana bas Mushka, a 7-year-old shlucha.

Video: Why Do We Celebrate 15 Av?

The Talmud states: “Never were there more joyous days for the Jewish People than the 15th of Av and Yom Kippur,” listing five or six joyous events that occurred on 15 Av throughout history. But what is it about the energy of the 15th of Av that attracts so much joy?

Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Mr. Aharon Shepherd, OBM

With sadness we inform you of the passing of Mr. Aharon Shepherd, OBM, longtime member of the Jewish community of Golders Green, London, and a lifelong admirer of the Rebbe and friend of Lubavitch, among whose ranks are several of his descendants.