Man Arrested After Stabbing Roommate

A man was attacked and stabbed multiple times in a “special needs housing space” in the basement of a Lefferts Avenue home in Crown Heights. The incident arose from a dispute between two roommates, say witnesses.

Sefer Torah Campaign on Boy’s 16th Yhartzeit

Sometimes we know people who seem to be like a living example of a sefer. Yosef Chaim Paley, OBM, was a walking sefer on Ahavas Yisroel.  He had a smile that would like up a room and a gentle, friendly personality that made him so pleasant to be around.  Yossi was the child who loved everyone and whom everyone loved back.  He was the kid who went over to the new child with a smile to make them feel welcome.  Yossi always made sure that no one was excluded at recess.

Plunging Temperatures Lead to Icy Conditions

Concerns about falling temperatures and icy conditions on roads and sidewalks across the Northeast followed a late-season storm that plastered the region with sleet and snow.