Swastikas Keyed into Cars in Miami Beach

Police are investigating after swastikas were found keyed into multiple cars in Miami Beach’s Orthodox-Jewish neighborhood. Rabbi Mendy Levi, a Chabad Shliach who lives next to one of the home’s where a car was vandalized, told Channel 7 News that this and other recent anti-Semitic acts around the country worry him.

Picture of the Day: Tanya on the Bus

Last Sunday, the girls In the Pioneer Division of Kinus Tzeiri Hashluchos were treated to a trip to Dave & Busters Arcade. On the way, a chaperone captured a photo that made her very proud: the girls – on their own initiative – had an impromptu Tanya study circle.

Benny Launches New Video Travel Blog

“Since the day I started traveling for music work and visiting Jewish communities around the world, it’s been my dream to share the wonder of it all with you,” says Jewish music star Benny Friedman, introducing his new video series Benny Baderech. “Worldwide Yiddishkeit is a marvelous blend of languages, cultures, cuisines and incredible, delightful people.”