Swastikas Keyed into Cars in Miami Beach

Police are investigating after swastikas were found keyed into multiple cars in Miami Beach. Rabbi Mendy Levi, a Chabad Shliach who lives next to one of the home’s where a car was vandalized, told Channel 7 News that this and other recent anti-Semitic acts around the country worry him.

This is the second such incident to occur in the Miami area this past weekend: on Friday, worshipers at a Chabad synagogue in Sunny Isles Beach discovered a swastika painted on the center’s door.

from Channel 7 News:

“It’s a predominantly Jewish area over here,” Rabbi Levi said. “And just the current crisis that we’re in now, the climate that is taking place around America, it’s very disturbing. So we want people to keep vigilant, at the same time we want people to spread the message of peace and light and not hate.”

Levi said the swastikas are painful reminders of the Holocaust.

“It’s very hurtful the whole concept of the swastika goes back to the times of the Holocaust and it brings up horrific memories of genocide and hatred toward a minority,” he said.

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  • 1. Max Yasger wrote:

    my first encounter with this garbage was in the us navy 4/68 ……… one of the worst verbal assaults was by 2 men living together across the street from me in ocala, fl………..the VERY worst happened last month when a BEAUTIFUL mezuzah (10″) was ripped from my door post and smashed open with the scroll tossed into the rain……..OK….I’m disgusted……i really wish for HaShem to forgive me first…for whatever i did to deserve this AND second for placing ANOTHER mezuzah on my doorpost INSIDE of the door…..i live in Gainesville btw……this shouldn’t happen here or anywhere else

  • 3. Moishe pupik wrote:

    This swastika business is overrated.Because it generates so much publicity it encourages many idiots and other mentally challenged people to do these acts. The police should be given the resources to end these hate crimes and they should accountable.There are no real treats to the Jews on federal,state,or local government level.

  • 4. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

    Are you sure?

    Do just a bit of research and you’ll see that the people doing this type of vandalism DO in fact progress to much more dangerous attacks.

    In 1989 a Federal grand jury indicted 16 men tied to a neo-Nazi Skinhead gang in Dallas. This came after a series of repeated attacks against a shul there.

    Having seen the damage done by bullets shot through the shul doors by this group of neo-nazis, I’m not willing to take chances with the safety of my family by dismissing any of this.


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