Life Sketches: Tefillin in the Eldridge St. Shul features stories about day-to-day Shlichus from Chabad emissaries around the world in a series titled Life Sketches. In this story, Rabbi Yossie Denburg, Shliach to Coral Springs, Florida, relates the story of an encounter he experienced at the historic Eldridge Street Synagogue on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

1,500 Jewish Teens on Spiritual Tour de Force in NYC

“How many people can rent out Times Square and have a mad Jewish party there?” asks Koby Lerner, rhetorically. The 16-year-old from San Diego will be one of more than 1,500 other Jewish teens from countries around the world to share in a Havdalah ceremony and spend Saturday night in New York’s iconic neighborhood at Broadway and Seventh Avenue as part of the ninth annual CTeen International Shabbaton, to take place Feb. 24-26. And that’s after a weekend of spirited (and spiritual) celebrations, learning, touring, socializing and more.

Jewish Cemetery Vandalized in St. Louis

As University City, Missouri, police investigated the toppling of as many of 200 headstones at one of the area’s oldest Jewish cemeteries, Jewish residents expressed outrage, sadness and unity, and asked how they could help repair the damage.

IDF Soldier Sentenced to 18 Months for Killing Terrorist

Shouts of “pardon him!” erupted from protesters outside a Tel Aviv military court on Tuesday where IDF solider Elor Azaria was sentenced to 18 months in jail for killing Palestinian terrorist Abdel Fatah al-Sharif in March 2015, as he lay immobilized in a Hebron street.

Chassidus Applied: How to Write a Winning Essay

Mrs. Nechama Dina Hendel is a young Shlucha and mother of six living in Jerusalem Israel. She is a teacher at Mayanot Seminary, as well as co-director of Chabad of Baka. Last year she wrote the winning essay of MyLife: Essay Contest and won the $10,000. With the third season of the MyLife: Essay Contest in full swing, and the deadline for submissions just one week away, she offers words of encouragement and some tips for writing a winning essay.