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8:00pm: Does Torah Recognize Horoscopes?

This week’s edition of MyLife: Chassidus Applied with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Episode 150, will air tonight, Sunday, here on, beginning at 8:00pm. This week Rabbi Jacobson will address the topics: What Should be Our Attitude to Horoscopes and Astrology? How to Balance a Public Life with Modesty? I’m Living on Autopilot! Can Illness Truly Be a Catalyst for Growth? What’s the Secret to Inspiring Myself When My Dreams Are All Burned Out?

Chabad of Columbia Gets a New Home

Bob Tennenbaum was 28 years old when he was hired as the chief architect and planner for one of America’s early planned communities, Columbia. A picturesque city in Maryland, Columbia was conceived as a utopia of sorts, open to all, regardless of race, religion, or financial status. Twenty-one miles south of Baltimore, Columbia has seen a lot of development since it was first settled in 1967.