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Weekly Thought: Seeing and Feeling Others’ Pain

In what way was Moshe like Hashem, regarding the pain of the Jews? How is this reflected in The Rebbe’s leadership? How can we – ordinary people – emulate this? Rabbi Avrohom Brashevitzky, Shliach to Doral, FL, shares his thoughts on this week’s Parsha – Va’eira.

Harvard Shliach Recalls ‘Mencsh’ Jared Kushner

“It was most apparent in the first impression what kind of mensch this young man was,” Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi, director of Chabad at Harvard, said of former student Jared Kushner. One night during his freshman year, after spending a few hours with him studying Tanya, Kushner saw it had snowed outside, asked for a shovel and cleared the sidewalk in front of the house, Zarchi related to the JTA.

Picture of the Day: Washington, D.C.

Jason Greenblatt, Donald Trump’s Appointee as the United States Special Representative for International Negotiations, tweeted this photo of Shliach Rabbi Shua Hecht and an assisting bochur koshering the kitchen in his new D.C. residence. “Now I can eat!” he tweeted.